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The Subject of Compliance is often seen as the Science of subjects, revered and deferred to the smartest only!  

The conversations often happen in hush-hush, and regulators are seen as the villains, wanting “blood” when it’s time for a regulatory exercise or timeline.  

Two things are certain in the ever-evolving business landscape: hope alone won’t cut it, and compliance isn’t as complex as rocket science. While the thought of navigating compliance, privacy, and data protection regulations might seem daunting, it’s not that deep.  

For some reason, I find it weird that the compliance departments of most organizations are the only ones who know what they do, and the rest of the organization often can’t explain or even know their designations in full.  

There is someone with ‘Chief,’ ‘Risk,’ and ‘Compliance’ in their title, and to be honest, the rest of the organization sees them as fighting battles only they are aware of; they are aware that certain times of the year are most critical for them, where they are seen making multiple calls and pacing the grounds. They don’t envy them; they just let them be. They have been stereotyped as having the “dark jobs.”  

Meanwhile, besides the fact that these guys do not generally like regulators, they’re cool guys, but here’s the bone I have to pick with them;  

They also do not give any concern about marketing or some other department that seems to be not-so-serious till it’s time for the next statutory or obligatory tasks for the next compliance certification for the organization, and a ‘let let’s-just-get-it-over-with’ meeting is called to run through what is required, because ‘we-don’t-really-care-if you-know-what-this-is-or-not-just-do-this-like-this-so-we-can-get-back-to-our-serious-jobs.”  

As a marketing executive, I have often wondered how organizations generally do not see how important it is for the guys with the so-called “serious” jobs to constantly align with their teams, properly educating them on the basics of Security, Compliance, Data Privacy & Protection” and how it applies to each department.  

I often have to run campaigns through my department’s legal and compliance team because this is also a compliance obligation for me so as not to put my organization at any risk.  

You do not just hope that your teams will do the right things if you have not defined the right things in terms of processes, systems, structures, regulatory obligations, and the whole shebang!  

While optimism and believing that people should get it is certainly a valuable mindset, relying on hope, vibes, and the next headline to keep your business compliant is like trying to build a spaceship out of cardboard. It might look good on the surface, but it won’t withstand the cosmic challenges that come your way.  

Just like baking a cake, compliance/security/policy implementation, etc requires careful attention to detail, with many ingredients and precise measurements that bring it all together. I am saying while some have the core skills, they really need others.  

Similarly, you cannot approach these subjects with a lone mindset and haphazard attitude and expect everything to turn out fine.  

So, what’s the secret sauce to mastering compliance, privacy, and data protection? It all boils down to three simple ingredients: knowledge, diligence, and the right tools.  

Knowledge would be your team’s compass in the vast universe of regulations to stay informed about relevant laws and regulations that impact their departments and your industry as an organization. Attend seminars, read articles, and consult with experts to expand your understanding.  

Diligence is your rocket fuel. Implement robust compliance processes and procedures within your organization. Regularly review and update your policies to ensure they align with regulatory requirements.  

And finally, the right tools are your navigation system. Invest in technology solutions that streamline compliance tasks, automate processes, and provide insights into your compliance status.  

Remember, just as astronauts rely on their instruments to guide them through space, businesses must rely on technology to navigate the complexities of compliance, and one such technology is Compliance Tracker, which is dedicated to keeping you and your teams informed and compliant.  

Hope is not a strategy; action is!  

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