using digital verification to secure africas mobility
using digital verification to secure africas mobility

Using Digital Verification to secure Africa’s Mobility sector: Our Work with Staarm


As travel returns to post-pandemic normalcy, mobility companies are navigating new protocols and evolving technologies to keep their users safe. In developed regions, many businesses in the automotive industry rely on new technologies introduced by connected cars and the world of smart mobility as their primary means of operation. Likewise, African countries are gradually facing the global challenge of scaling up the digital economy in the mobility sector, giving birth to car rental agencies, car leasing companies, and the expanding terrain of car-sharing companies on the continent.

The outlook for technological innovation has been opened by attracting a matrix of new digital mobility opportunities, increasing the automotive sector’s pressure to create quick and connected mobility solutions while putting their customers’ safety first. Typically, this shifts the vehicle ownership paradigm towards subscription and demand-based usage models, which require parallel innovation, infrastructure (platforms), and coverage.

The Issue Of Fraud In Africa’s Mobility Sector

However, while these innovations are of great benefit to mobility companies, they also carry fraud and misuse risks that may severely impact business operations and customers. Fraud in the mobility sector has been profound in recent years and sadly may not disappear soon; as we all know, where money and information go, so do fraud and other crimes. According to reports, the mobility industry experienced a 16% increase in fraud rates during the second half of 2020. As cities and communities regain a sense of normalcy, innovation and demand for app-based car rentals gradually expand, leaving more opportunities for bad actors to profit from crimes.

This article briefly outlines how Identitypass’s digital verification solutions protect car rental platforms like Staarm from fraud.

About Staarm

Staarm is an African peer-to-peer car rental marketplace that offers effective, safe, and easy car rental solutions, providing its guests with a wide range of options to enable them to move around conveniently. With Staarm, a guest can easily book the car of choice, when and where they want it, with a trusted host community across Africa. Whether you need a vehicle to commute, get around town, or attend a special event, you can skip all the hassle and get the best options with Staarm. Staarm simplifies car rentals by matching guests with car owners and making renting a car more accessible and secure than ever.

For companies that provide ridesharing services, such as Staarm, it is expedient to check the condition of vehicles online and prove that they are legally owned and licensed to operate before getting on board. Renters also want to be sure that a vehicle meets the basic requirements of road dignity; they want to do it as seamlessly as possible to start using the car immediately. This is where Identitypass’s vehicle verification product comes into play, and Staarm’s software platform makes vehicle verification an accessible reality for their guests.

Identitypass provides a fast and secure method to verify vehicle numbers, names, and types and catch fraudsters in the act with unique automated technology, helping prevent some of the most prevalent types of mobility fraud from occurring. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, we deliver a fully automated vehicle verification product that makes decisions in seconds, allowing businesses to choose the level of automation they need to achieve their balance of speed and fraud prevention. We are engaged and enthusiastic about collaborating with Africa’s leading mobility platform Staarm in providing their customers with suitable vehicles while fighting increasing fraud threats in the mobility industry and making travel more convenient, responsible, and safe.

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