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Protecting Your Business from Corporate Identity Theft


It’s quite remarkable how much our world has changed with the introduction of the digital revolution. Today, virtually everything we do is just a click away, and more than ever before, businesses are more invested in the online scene. But here’s the deal — with all this convenience comes a lurking danger that we can’t ignore — the issue of corporate identity theft.

The definition of identity theft, according to the National Criminal Victimization Survey, includes three general types of incidents:

  • Unauthorized use or attempted use of an existing account
  • Unauthorized use or attempted use of personal information to open a new account
  • Misuse of personal information for a fraudulent purpose.

Business identity theft, also known as corporate identity theft, is the illegal impersonation of a business. In that sense, the victim can be any type of entity with a business Tax ID, from an individual proprietorship to a large corporation.

Picture this: You’ve built up your dream business, invested your time and energy into it, and now it’s taking off in the digital universe. But there are sneaky cybercriminals waiting to swoop in and steal your business’s identity. They’re not just after your data; they’re after your brand, your reputation, and the trust your customers and stakeholders have in you. It’s like a virtual heist, but the stakes are way higher.

Data from the UK shows that brand impersonations have almost doubled in the first half of 2020. 15,000 reported cases (an 84% increase compared to 2019) have caused £58 million in losses to impersonation scams.

So, what’s the play here? It’s not just about installing firewalls or having a super-complicated password. It’s about being a guardian of your brand, which means — LOCKing down your digital castle from all sides.

Here’s how Company/business or corporate theft can affect your business.

Bad Brand Reputation

The reputation of your enterprise stands as one of the utmost critical and delicate assets. It delineates the caliber of your associations with creditors, corporate allies, and, most notably, your clientele. Falling victim to the machinations of business and corporate identity malefactors can engender a profound shift in how your company is perceived, eroding the trust painstakingly cultivated with your patrons.

Loss of Customer Confidence

Businesses ensnared by counterfeit online domains may find themselves procuring spurious merchandise or, worse, being left bereft of their rightful purchases. A parallel phenomenon manifests with counterfeit social media profiles. Such episodes deflate customer contentment, compelling them to pivot towards alternative brands in subsequent transactions.

Dwindling Revenue Streams

Substantial erosions in revenue yield pose a formidable hazard, particularly for small enterprises lacking extensive financial buffers. Business proprietors could find themselves grappling to meet timely disbursements to employees, partners, suppliers, or financial backers. This constraint similarly extends to fulfilling tax obligations and procuring essential resources.

Complex Tax Controversies

Should your corporate identity become ensnared in the submission of fraudulent tax declarations, the likelihood of encountering tax penalties and audits looms. The process of elucidating the circumstances can entail substantial expenditures of resources and effort.

How to Prevent Your Business from Corporate Identity Theft

Securing Your Tech Stack: Keep Hackers at Bay

Your business’s tech systems are like its beating heart, keeping everything running smoothly. But there’s a catch: these systems are also like a magnet for identity thieves. To outsmart these digital predators and be watchful and proactive. Here’s how:

  • Stay on the Lookout

Keep a close eye on your network. Look out for unexpected login attempts, individuals snooping around where they shouldn’t be, or your systems suddenly acting strange. You can invest in intrusion detectors that can call your attention in real-time if something seems fishy.

  • Did You Hit That Update Button?

Those sneaky thieves often sneak in through software holes. Ensure your operating systems, apps, and security tools are always current. This small action can patch up known issues and save you a whole lot of trouble.

  • Regular Security Checkups are Cool

Imagine giving your business’s cybersecurity a checkup. Yep, that’s what security audits do. They let you:

– Spot Weak Faster: By poking around your tech stuff regularly, you can spot those spots where hackers might try to sneak in. Fix them up before they get the chance.

– Outsmart the Bad Actors: When you know where they might try to get in, you’re one step ahead. You can strengthen those defenses and stay ahead of identity thieves.

Rules are Not Just for Monopoly

Privacy and security rules aren’t just for the rulebook — they’re a must-do in keeping things safe and sound. And guess what? They’re not just about obeying the law; they’re also about:

– — LOCKing Down Your Data: GDPR (a data privacy rulebook) is about keeping personal info safe. Doing this keeps your customers happy and shields your business from a legal mess.

– Earning Trust: Following these rules shows everyone you’re all about fairness. It’s like saying, “Hey, we care about your privacy, and we’re not messing around.”

Implement Robust Identity Verification Systems

Checking if someone’s really who they say they are is the best move in this digital world. Here’s why:

Your customers love a verification process that’s easy. No one likes hurdles. If you make it simple, they’ll stick around and not bail on their transactions.

Verifying your customers before they get access adds an extra shield to your online world. It keeps out fake identities and frauds, ensuring online security.

Say Hi to Identitypass

Now, here’s a game-changer: Identitypass. It’s your ultimate sidekick for ensuring things are legit and tidy. Here’s why you want this buddy by your side:

– Go Global: Identitypass knows all about different rules in different parts of the world. So, wherever you’re doing business, it’s got your back.

– No More Verification Hassles: With Identitypass, you’re making the verification process a breeze. Easy for your customers, tough for the bad guys.

 Guarding Your Business: Identitypass comes with cool tech that slams the door on identity theft and fraud. That means your business and your customers are in safe hands.

What’s More?

Cyber thieves are out there and getting craftier by the day. But guess what? You’re not defenseless. Protecting your tech, doing those regular checkups, playing by the rules, and getting yourself an ace solution like Identitypass — that’s how you keep your business’s rep strong and trust unshaken. So remember, it’s not just about data — it’s about guarding the heart of your business. Stay smart, stay secure!

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