Background checks by Prembly live
Background checks by Prembly live

Prembly Introduces Innovative Solution for Efficient Background Checks in Emerging Markets


Recently, businesses have encountered challenges acquiring accurate and reliable information about individuals in various scenarios, such as hiring employees, forming partnerships, assessing clients, or leasing properties. Despite considerable advancements in innovation to address these issues, there remains a significant gap to bridge. The absence of thorough background checks has been identified as a risk factor, exposing organizations to potential consequences like damage to their reputation, financial losses, legal troubles, and compromised security. Existing solutions are often fragmented, time-consuming, and limited in effectiveness, necessitating the development of more sustainable products.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the official launch of our Background Checks solution. This solution is meticulously crafted to empower businesses worldwide to conduct comprehensive and detailed screenings of their customers or applicants. Beyond mere verification, companies can seamlessly delve deeper into their customers’ digital footprints, accessing more information regardless of geographical location.

At Prembly, our mission is to enhance the safety and security of the Internet for digital businesses across emerging markets, enabling global transactions with trust and without constraints. Our Background Checks solution is a pivotal step toward achieving a fairer, more accessible approach to staying secure online while collaborating with the right individuals.

Moreover, introducing our Background Checks solution represents a significant paradigm shift in how organizations approach investigations on individuals. We are committed to providing tools to diverse sectors, enabling them to bolster their security measures, mitigate risks, and make well-informed decisions. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, a diverse range of data sources, and customizable screening criteria, our solution ensures unmatched accuracy, efficiency, and reliability.

Why You Should Use Our Background Checks Solution

According to industry data, 85% of employers emphasize the importance of international screening capabilities to safeguard the safety of employees and customers. Businesses lose 5% of their annual revenue to employee fraud, highlighting the need for regular screenings of employees and customers. Insider fraud has proven to be a significant concern over the years. While most companies conduct background checks, the manual steps and lengthy processing times can be challenging. Candidates often need to work on the recruiting, screening, and HRIS platform processes.

Background checks stat
Background checks stat

Here’s why you need to start using our Background Checks Solution:

  • Speed up the hiring time by 80% with rapid screening results.
  • Protect your business with coverage across multiple regions.
  • Elevate your brand with a streamlined candidate screening experience.
  • Screen farther from anywhere, conducting criminal record checks

Optimize Your Hiring and Screening Flow

Our Background Checks solution prioritizes a delightful experience for business managers and candidates. With just a few clicks, customers can request a candidate’s screening and receive results within minutes, accelerating decision-making time by around 80%. We have eliminated the need for businesses to manually chase up documents, offering screenings in multiple territories for employees and contractors.

Elevate Your Brand with an Exceptional Candidate Experience

With Prembly’s user-friendly dashboard 2.0, businesses can quickly verify candidates’ identities, track the status of background checks, find answers to their questions, and communicate with support. Our screening process is optimized for convenience, with over 60% of checks happening with zero code through an interactive dashboard on various devices. Results are promptly delivered via email with a secure link to access directly in the dashboard. As a SOC 2-certified platform, we prioritize safely storing candidate information and guaranteeing data privacy.

Background checks dashboard
Background checks dashboard

Conduct International Background Checks in Minutes

Starting today, businesses globally can run criminal background checks with real-time searches across databases from multiple countries, including public media sources, fraud, sex offender registries, sanctions, and more. Our AI-powered platform ensures accurate reports with the shortest turnaround times, and we continue to expand our capabilities with more checks and additional countries.

Who Can Benefit from Our Background Checks Solution?

  • Human Resources (HR) professionals
  • Insurance agencies
  • Real estate and landlords
  • Tertiary institutions
  • Talent/gig sourcing companies
  • E-hailing companies

How Background Checks Can Help Businesses

Industries that need background checks
Industries that need background checks
  1. Background Verification: Access comprehensive background information on any applicant with just one click, facilitating informed hiring decisions.
  2. Criminal Records: Effortlessly review and verify essential documents with our user-friendly platform, ensuring quick access to resumes, IDs, and other vital records.
  3. Education History: Easily access detailed background information on any applicant to make well-informed hiring decisions.
  4. Address Verification: Obtain instant results in seconds with our fast and accurate applicant verification process, covering employment history, education, and more.
  5. Credit History: Access comprehensive background information on any applicant with just one click, facilitating informed hiring decisions.

How to Get Started

  1. Sign up on Prembly.
  2. Navigate to the “Background Checks” tab.
  3. Create your package
  4. Click on “Request” and then “Initiate Request.”
  5. Input the candidate’s details (name and email) for a single check, select “add candidate” for multiple checks, or upload a list for bulk checks.
  6. Click on “Proceed” and “Request Check.”

Read more about how our background checks solution works here, and get started via