Prembly hackathon
Prembly hackathon

Prembly Announces Its first in a series of Hackathons: Exploring Endless Possibilities with The Power of APIs


Identitypass by Prembly hosted its maiden edition hackathon in 2021. This year, we decided to take it further by hosting a hybrid hackathon event with over 500 participants from across the continent.

This year’s Hackathon by Prembly will be a seven-day hackathon dedicated to new and innovative developers across Africa. We are thrilled to invite all hackers and builders to participate. It will be the perfect opportunity for aspiring developers and tech enthusiasts to learn about the tools, resources, and information involved in building with the power of APIs by utilizing Prembly’s and other partners’ API resources.

Hackathon 2022: Exploring Endless Possibilities with the Power of APIs

The Prembly Hackathon 2022 will be a hybrid competition that will begin online in November 2022, with a world-class team of mentors from our partnered companies and communities.

The event will be categorized into two sections: Virtual and Onsite. For the onsite event, participants will be required to form diverse teams and create products using Identitypass APIs and other APIs made available to hackers. The top 10 teams will be invited to present to a panel of judges on the Hackathon’s finale.

Throughout the seven days of hacking, our professional team will mentor and guide the teams, and our technology partners will also lend their professional assistance. All top-ten finishers will be invited, and rest assured that Prembly will arrange your transportation and accommodations.

The Hackathon concludes with a Pitch and award ceremony where the best teams pitch to a panel of Judges. The top three teams and winners in our over 20 categories will receive prizes worth millions of naira at the event’s climax.

Meet our Partners

This year, we partnered with three exceptional businesses: Co-creation HubDeel, and Pneuma Care.

The scope of the 2021 Prembly Hackathon is as follows:

1. 200+ Builders.

2. 500+ Attendees

3. 7 Days: Online, demo day, and award ceremony in Lagos, Nigeria

4. Diversity: 1 or two women must be part of a team

5. Judges, Speakers, and mentors from top companies in the world

6. Up to $10,000 in winning prize

7. Opportunity to join the Prembly team

8. Lots of gift items to be worn by hackers and attendees

How To Participate?

The criteria for entering this year’s Hackathon by Prembly are simple.

Our team will review your application, and we will get back to you with the next steps.

Note: You can still apply as an individual if you are yet to form a team; our community manager will be glad to help you find a team.

For frequent updates on the upcoming Hackathon, kindly connect with us across our social media handles, InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn.

You can also become a member of our tech developer community here.

Judging Criteria

The following criteria will be considered:

1. Theme-aligned products: Are you creating products that correspond to this year’s theme?

2. Integration with existing protocols: Are you integrating with current protocols to provide more value?

3. Pushing the boundaries: Are you thinking big and leveraging new API-powered possibilities?

4. Structural integrity: Is your product design well thought out, with no gaps in safety or decentralization?

5. User Experience: Is your product MVP simple to use?

Official Hackathon Hashtag


Hackathon Dates

October 14: Open registration

October 23: Close registration

October 28: Hackathon begins

November 04: Submission deadline

November 21: Judging period

December 5: Demo Day (Virtual)

December 18: Finale and Award Ceremony (Physical)

We look forward to your application.

About Prembly Community

Prembly Community is a premier API education community. Our mission is to assist ambitious, talented individuals in achieving their personal and professional goals in API technology. We accomplish this by partnering with leading industry protocols to organize high-quality programs such as hackathons, coding boot camps, educational workshops, and accelerators. We also assist aspiring developers in getting hired by providing dedicated recruitment referrals or receiving career assistance and support from our open-minded community assistance.

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