increasing employees productivity through facial recognition
increasing employees productivity through facial recognition

Increasing Employees’ Productivity Through Facial Recognition Software


Biometrics is becoming more profound in today’s business world. As many businesses are striving to adjust to an ever-demanding technology terrain, it’s becoming quite imperative to understand how business owners can use biometric authentication to increase productivity in their businesses. Biometrics authentication usage is scaling high in a larger part of the world, as employers are continuously seeking for more convenient alternatives of using the most natural authenticator out there themselves. Nowadays, employees can use their fingerprints or face scans to corroborate their identity and enable security at the workplace.

One of the most recent methods of biometric authentication/identification today is Facial recognition technology. Facial recognition is a form of applied machine learning built with the ability to detect and identify human facial attributes and peculiarities The use of facial recognition technology was formerly limited to scientists and security professionals. However, today it is filled with pre-eminent business relevance such as granting access to employees who have access to certain facilities or data, tracking employee time, marketing and preventing wage theft among many other benefits.

Here, we will consider the most important benefits of Facial Recognition technology for increasing employees’ productivity in businesses:

1. Tracks Employees’ Performance

The productivity of businesses often lags behind because employees are being unmotivated and not being adept in carrying out their duties. They may tend to be less productive or engage in other work-unrelated activities at the workplace when the manager is not in sight or unavailable.

The introduction of facial recognition technology into a workplace or business environment can easily hold employees accountable when they are working, which reduces the risk of being distracted. Employers and managers can easily certify that employees can time-in only when they are physically present at the workplace, eradicating “ghost-working”

Furthermore, the installation of facial recognition technology on the work desks of individual employees allows employers and managers to know how many hours they actually worked and how much time was wasted on other irrelevant activities. This practice will completely change an employee’s mindset about work and ultimately increase productivity.

2. Identifies Outmoded Practices, Accessories, or Procedures:

Alternatively, for managers and supervisors who may be unaware of ineffective tools or apps that make a job or task take longer than it should, facial recognition can help them identify old business model so they can make necessary improvements.

3. Tracks Employee’s Accountability.

It will also cut down on things like unauthorized breaks or lunch breaks that run too long. For example, field workers are less likely to perform side jobs when their time is being recorded through myidentitypay facial recognition. With this kind of technology, managers can also take business trips or vacations without the need to hover or track workers in person.

4. Aids Convenience in the Workplace.

The greatest case for using facial recognition software to track ‘in’ and ‘out’ times of employees is the sheer convenience. Employees need not scan their fingerprints or ID cards to c– LOCK hours, the system automatically identifies when they come in and leave, logging their hours appropriately.

5. Eliminates Risk of Errors

Another advantage is that facial recognition software virtually eliminates the risk of incorrect entries. With fingerprint scanners, for instance, there are many times when employees leave in groups and do not individually scan their fingerprints. In the case of ID cards, the cards can simply be shared with someone else to scan it at certain times. Myidentitypay facial recognition software, on the other hand, will accurately track an employee’s working hours and can help you manage the productivity of your company as a whole.

Are you planning to integrate a facial recognition module into your existing software, access myidentitypay facial recognition APIs and integrate with ease.

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