experience a faster and seamless
experience a faster and seamless

Experience Faster and Seamless Verification checks with the Improved ID Checker Widget


Confirm the identity of your users/customers by carrying out ID verification with face capture and liveness check using the Identitypass ID Checker Widget. The ID Checker Widget SDK that allows you to capture your customers’ faces with a liveness check and compare them with the image attached to the provided government ID on your app/website was launched last year. Since then, we have listened to our customers and patiently taken note of all feedback/reviews to guide us in improving the face liveliness and developing an excellent product!

We recently deployed a major revamp on our current ID checker widget. This update is focused on improving your user experience across the widget. The significant updates include:

Addition of an introductory screen for user insight:

From the reviews, we discovered that users had some difficulties navigating the identity checker during the face capturing process. Our product and engineering teams concentrated on creating an introductory screen that gives users more detailed instructions on using the ID widget for verification. This adds convenience and makes verification easier, ultimately improving your customers’ trust in your brand.

We redesigned the face capturing process to have a more descriptive flow:

Onboarding should be simple. With Identity Checker’s new face capturing process for liveness checks, you can create a streamlined flow for your customer onboarding process. Your customers can quickly capture their faces by taking selfies on the ID checker. Moreso, with the descriptive flows, they can now know what they need to do, such as stay where there is more light or better position their headshots to successfully and quickly capture their images. Furthermore, the face capture and authentication process are quick and effective for your customers, taking only seconds.

Removal of unnecessary screens/pages:

To avoid complexity for your customers, we removed some unnecessary pages from the ID checker widget. The new widget only presents your customers with the necessary screens containing the only required information.

Now you can offer your users the ability to sign up or log in from your app without compromising security. Kindly check out our documentation page if you’d like to read more. Want to try it out yourself? Click here to see a demo of how it works.

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