Navigating the World of Deepfakes from Creation to Detection

Prembly Research on Deepfakes

The phenomenon of deepfakes has gained widespread attention, causing a significant overlap between what is real and what is artificially created. These AI-powered products, which range from seemingly innocent recreation of harmful manipulations, give rise to concerns regarding their societal impact. This report provides a comprehensive explanation of deepfakes, their worldwide implications, the developing nature of deepfakes, detection techniques, and some real-life case studies.

Furthermore, it offers possible solutions to solving the proliferation of deepfake technology, which presents complex challenges and risks for society, requiring concerted efforts from stakeholders across multiple domains to mitigate its harmful impacts. By investing in detection technologies, raising public awareness, implementing regulatory measures, and fostering collaboration, we can work towards addressing the threat posed by deepfakes and safeguarding the integrity of online discourse and media content.

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