Impact of Digital Identity On Privacy In Africa

Impact of digital email

In Africa today, 1.5 billion people lack proof of identity (World Bank’s ID4D, 2022), a requirement for socioeconomic development, and direct access to services (mobile connectivity, health care, education, and to participate fully in a country or society). The remaining 6.6 billion people in the world either have some form of identification but limited access to online services or are active online users but struggle to keep track of their digital footprint securely and efficiently.

Internet penetration and users in selected African countries have increased dramatically in recent years. This short read clearly shows the effects of mobile penetration in a digital world and how digital identity impacts individuals and offers an in-depth analysis of the need for digital identification systems in Africa.

This report provides extensive data on the percentage of African countries with mobile phone penetration, African countries’ various identity-building initiatives, how lack of identity affects African lives, and how Identity verification has fortified privacy in Africa.

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