Digital Identity Verification in Africa-from a Compliance Standpoint

Digital Identity Verification In Africa compliance standpoint, Prembly

Technological advancement is rapidly changing the most fundamental aspects of our lives. While most African countries did not adopt internet use until the late 1900s, the internet’s rapid growth in the last two decades has brought with it opportunities for advancement but, on the flip side, also exploitative practices.

Several reports and examples demonstrate the transformation experienced from face-to-face transactions (which often allow businesses to determine their customers’ identities quickly) to the number of online transactions that now occur. Today, the potentiality of internet access and human reliance on it for daily activities has brought fraud attacks to the doorstep of every man, making it closer than anyone can ever imagine.

This research provides tangible insights and an in-depth overview of how different identity systems in Africa have evolved and other regulatory frameworks that shape digital identity verification compliance across selected African countries.

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