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RiseVest Safeguards Trust and Automates Customer Onboarding With Identitypass


The world of financial technology has changed a lot, bringing in new and exciting ways for people to handle their money. Risevest is a company that stands out in this innovation and is committed to helping individuals grow financially. This investment platform is crucial in assisting Africans in achieving their wealth-building goals by smartly investing their money in top-notch assets.

However, just like every other growing platform, as the platform continued to experience a surge in users, the challenge of ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment became increasingly evident. In this article, we quickly show you how Risevest is actively onboarding only real customers, spotting fraudsters, and maintaining global compliance, among other benefits, using Identitypass by Prembly.

About Risevest

The product and company recognized as Risevest originated from an idea that emerged in 2014. The founders observed that currency shocks, elevated inflation rates, and the repercussions of devaluation were hindering the potential returns on investments in emerging markets, posing challenges for investors to enhance their wealth. This created obstacles for individuals in these markets to attain their financial objectives.

In response to this issue, Risevest was established to link users to dollar-denominated investments in developed markets. The platform is managed by a world-class team utilizing intelligent algorithms to inform decision-making, aiming to foster financial literacy among users.

The Challenge:

With a growing user base, the imperative for a robust verification system became paramount for Risevest. As the platform aimed to uphold its commitment to trust and transparency, the team searched for a solution to guarantee that only genuine identities would register for their services. The challenge was not only to combat fraud but also to maintain the confidence of their valued customers while offering the services they’ve been trusted with.

The Solution:

In the quest for a reliable verification solution, Risevest found a fitting ally in Identitypass. This innovative solution has empowered various digital service providers with different use cases to securely onboard verified customers while ensuring compliance with many regulatory requirements across the globe.

As the number of individuals seeking financial empowerment through the platform grew exponentially, so did the need for an impenetrable shield against fraudulent activities. This pivotal moment set the stage for a partnership redefining RiseVest’s journey.

In their quest for a solution that not only met but surpassed industry standards, the RiseVest team embarked on a journey that brought them to the discovery of Identitypass. Picture a convergence of minds, where innovation seamlessly blended with necessity.

Identitypass emerged as the perfect fit for the Risevest team, seamlessly integrating into RiseVest’s operations. Recognized for its unwavering commitment to customer success, IdentityPass became a steadfast partner in the fight against fraud. Integrating IdentityPass into RiseVest’s tech stack became the cornerstone of successful customer onboarding and fraud prevention. Now, every customer signing up on RiseVest is welcomed by the promise of financial growth and the assurance of a secure and trustworthy environment. 

Consider the impact – a seamless onboarding process that verifies identities and instills confidence. With Identitypass’s AI-powered identity verification solution, RiseVest’s customers no longer need to concern themselves with the platform’s integrity. They could focus on their financial goals, knowing that the cutting-edge technology of IdentityPass protected their journey.

How To Get Started

The benefits of integrating the proper identity verification partner in overcoming fraud challenges, embracing innovation, and prioritizing customer trust cannot be over-emphasized for businesses across the globe. Identitypass, with over 80 unique identity verification endpoints across different regions, has proven to be the most effective for companies looking to expand their services across emerging markets confidently. 

Want to be like Risevest? The path is clear – sign up on to get started.

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