Prembly Product Roundup WHG0gUG
Prembly Product Roundup WHG0gUG

Prembly’s July Product Roundup


It’s another time to share our latest developments to empower your business expand confidently across emerging markets, seamlessly onboard new customers, and optimize your platform’s security. In July, we rolled out new products and enhancements, and in this blog post, we will delve into each of them to help you make the most out of your experience with Prembly.

New Products On Prembly

Introducing Prembly Compliance Tracker

Our groundbreaking Compliance Tracker solution is now available! It ensures global compliance across regulatory bodies, providing access to compliance regulations and reports from various countries. With comprehensive summaries and real-time information, you can confidently make informed decisions and stay on top of regulatory requirements. Learn more and subscribe.

Hello Ghana! Verify Customers and Businesses with TINs

We are thrilled to announce the addition of the Ghana TIN endpoint. This feature allows our customers to verify the accuracy and validity of Tax Identification Numbers (TIN) in Ghana, ensuring smoother onboarding processes. You can check how it works here.

What’s New on Prembly 2.0 Dashboard?

Having launched our unified dashboard in May, we have successfully introduced some significant improvements to enhance our customer’s experiences. Our customers can now access the following updates on Prembly 2.0:

Access Prembly Tour Guide Anytime!

We have improved the tour guide on the Prembly 2.0 dashboard, making it easier to navigate and use the platform efficiently. The Quick Guide is now readily available whenever you need assistance. Follow these steps to access it:

a. Log in to the Prembly dashboard

b. Get started

c. Quick Guide

NIN and VNIN Endpoints Now Separate On the Dashboard

With the successful separation of NIN and vNIN endpoints, identifying and resolving verification issues is now streamlined. Our customers can now quickly determine which NIN endpoints they wish to utilize for their verification calls. Here’s how you can navigate this update:

  1. Log in to the Prembly dashboard
  2. Click on IdentityPass
  3. Select Data Verification
  4. Select Individual
  5. Choose Nigeria as your country.


Seamlessly Export Call Logs

More than before, our customers can now easily filter and export their verification reports from the Prembly Dashboard. This update enables customers to gain valuable insights and share data with ease. Here’s how it works: Log in to the dashboard > Reports > Export.

More Improvements On our ID Checker Widget

The Checker Widget has received significant updates, now displaying user names instead of codes, providing better visibility into widget activities. Access it through the following steps:

a. Log in to the Prembly dashboard

b. Click on IdentityPass

c. Click on Checker Widget.

Instant Login Notifications

Customers can now receive login notifications via email every time a team member logs in to the Prembly dashboard. With this, keeping track of the team’s activity with the last login information is now visible on the Teams page, ultimately improving security. Access these notifications through the following steps:

a. Log in to the Prembly dashboard

b. Navigate to Settings

c. Click on the Teams tab.

Identityform Powered Attendee’s Registration At PremiaBN’s #Growthcon

On July 21 and 22, we demonstrated Identityform’s effectiveness. Identityform is a drag-and-drop form builder created for global businesses for quick onboarding and effectively validating an individual’s data. The registration process for the event ran smoothly. Learn more about Identityform.

Download our Customer Perception of Digital Onboarding in Africa Report.

At Prembly, we believe in providing valuable industry insights to our customers. Our recent research on “Customers Perception of Digital Identity Verification In Africa” reveals that 31% of respondents reported abandoning onboarding if it takes too much time. Download the full report to gain more insights.

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