Premblys product Updates August 2GkuLx9
Premblys product Updates August 2GkuLx9

Prembly’s Compliance and Security Product Updates


On a monthly basis, we steadfastly adhere to our commitment to introducing novel product offerings and concurrently enhancing existing ones, all meticulously crafted to address our customers’ paramount requirements in compliance and security. It is with great enthusiasm that we present our most recent product updates. We trust that you will derive as much satisfaction from utilizing them as we derived in their development.

On Newly Launched APIs:

Verify Businesses in Tanzania: One Click, Accurate Results

We bring exciting news for businesses operating in Tanzania or those considering expansion into the region. We have introduced a new API that is a robust backup for Tanzania Business searches, ensuring uninterrupted access to vital information. To utilize this feature, simply navigate from your dashboard to the API and select the “Company Search with Name” endpoint. Access the endpoint here.

Keep Out Fraudsters with Our Kenyan Credit Reference Bureau Endpoint

Our Credit Bureau Reference endpoint is now available, enabling you to verify your Kenyan users’ credit history and repayment behavior. This invaluable tool empowers you to make well-informed lending decisions, assess creditworthiness, and manage risks more effectively. To access this endpoint, click here.

Introducing Kenyan National ID Basic Endpoint

Merchants can now effortlessly verify their customers’ national IDs in Kenya by entering their first name, last name, and national ID number. This streamlined process allows you to retrieve essential customer information for validation purposes. To utilize this endpoint, click here.

Check Wallet Balance with Ease

Customer experience remains our top priority, and we’re delighted to introduce a wallet balance endpoint for your convenience. Furthermore, we’ve simplified the integration process, seamlessly incorporating this feature into your software applications. Please note that this API is exclusively for live environments and cannot be tested on the sandbox. Click here to access the endpoint.

Access Verification Status in Real-time

Continuing with our newest API offerings, we’ve introduced an endpoint that allows you to check the status of any verification performed on Prembly using the verification reference number. Please note that this API functions solely in the live environment and cannot be tested on the sandbox. To access this endpoint, click here.

New Release: Kenyan Mpesa Statement Analysis (API)

Our customers can now upload Mpesa statements for extraction, analysis, and scoring using Prembly. This comprehensive product comprises four endpoints:

  • User Statement Check: Verifies whether a person’s M-Pesa statement has been uploaded previously.
  • M-Pesa Statement Analysis: Analyzes M-Pesa statements when uploaded for analysis.
  • M-Pesa Statement Analysis Status: Tracks and confirms the status of a previously submitted statement analysis.
  • M-Pesa Credit Scoring: Retrieves M-Pesa credit scoring information from prior analyses.

To access this API, please click here

Nigerian Address Verification API

Prembly now offers an address verification feature through its API. This process typically takes at least 48 hours, depending on the location within Nigeria. You can also track the verification status using the Address Verification Status API. To access this functionality, please visit our documentation page.

On SDKs and Dashboard Improvements:

  • Filter and Search Team Members: Easily locate team members by role, status, email, or name.
  • Login Timestamp: Monitor team members’ latest login times.
  • Notifications Timestamp: Stay informed about profile activities.
  • Bulk Verification: Execute bulk verifications directly from the dashboard.
  • Report Optimization: Identify verification performers within profiles.
  • Application ID Restriction Feature: Exercise control over usage permissions with new App ID creation.
  • Checker Widget Customization: Customize widget themes with your business’s hex codes.

Login to your dashboard to have a first-hand experience of these updates

On Events:

Identityform by Prembly automates registration at the Nigerian Fintech Forum

In July, the Prembly team, represented by our Assistant Director of Sales, Oreoluwa Ajayi, had the honor of participating in the prestigious annual Nigerian Fintech Forum. Ore delivered a compelling presentation on our innovative product offerings during this event. She underscored Prembly’s steadfast commitment to collaborating with esteemed business parastatals and government agencies to enhance security and compliance standards within emerging markets. Furthermore, it is noteworthy that Identityform by Prembly was once again successfully employed to streamline user registration processes at the Nigerian Fintech Forum. To learn more about Identityform, please join our waitlist:


Our comprehensive report on the second edition of the Prembly compliance dialogue event is officially out. Learn about the major discussions around compliance within the Nigerian fintech ecosystem by downloading your own copy here.

Stay compliant, stay secure, and stay ahead with Prembly!

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