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Prembly at Digibank Summit, 2023, and more


This year, we are consciously extending our tentacles beyond our immediate environment. As part of our core strategy, we are keen on attending a few notable events to meet new customers, connect physically with existing customers, and share more information about the capabilities of our products. Our team went all out in January and the first weeks of February, participating in various capacities at major tech events worldwide. We want to share our unique experiences with you.

Identitypass By Prembly at CES 2023

The world’s largest Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2023) concluded in Las Vegas on Saturday, January 7, 2023. Over the course of four days, more than 3,000 exhibitors showcased innovations in artificial intelligence, automotive technology, virtual reality, wearables, and much more. We were privileged to be among the few startups who exhibited.

This year’s show was fascinating as we debuted some of our newest and exceptional products, including our new Global business verification and search endpoints, to many other exhibitors and business executives. These endpoints allow businesses to retrieve company information by searching with an email address or a string such as the company name, description, director name, or company number.

Another major highlight was connecting with existing customers in real time and making new ones.

We’re thrilled to have “Been-In-It,” and we are excited about all ahead of us, even as we continue to build on the success of 2023’s CES.

Identitypass by Prembly Shines at The Digibank Summit, 2023

In a rapidly changing industry like digital banking, events like the Digibank Summit provide a robust platform for industry leaders to come together, share their knowledge, and learn from one another. The Prembly team was thrilled to be a significant part of this incredible gathering at Nairobi, and our experience was amazing.

Our team, represented by Alabi Seun, our Director of Data Partnerships, and Oreoluwa Ajayi, our Assistant Director of Sales, were featured as speakers. Both shared their insights and knowledge on the latest advancements in digital banking and how Prembly, through its explicit and product suites, is meaningfully contributing to the ecosystem. The event provided us with an exceptional opportunity to network with industry leaders and learn about the most recent innovations and technologies in the banking and fintech sectors.

While the speakers were on stage, the rest of the team, including our CIO Tolu Adetuyi, demonstrated our products and services to visitors at our booth. Attendees expressed a great deal of interest in learning more about Prembly. We showed how our products could help banks improve their digital offerings, making them more accessible, secure, and scalable for customers.

Microfinance Tech Summit, Kigali, Rwanda

The Identitypass team’s attendance at the Microfinance Tech Summit in Kigali, Rwanda, demonstrated our dedication to delivering innovative solutions to Africa’s microfinance sector. As a company passionate about revolutionizing the compliance and security processes for the financial industry, our COO and co-founder, Niyi Adegboye, took advantage of the opportunity to share insights on our cutting-edge products with the attendees.
As experts from various microfinance backgrounds gathered to discuss the future of microfinance in Africa, the event became a hub of knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration. Our Rwandan delegates, Alabi Seun, Head of Engineering, Olayiwola Kayode, and Uzochi Agomou, Customer Success Lead, showcased our innovative products poised to drive growth, boost financial inclusion, and assist microfinance institutions in meeting regulatory requirements in the region. See more details here.

Other Notable Events in Q1

Our exhibition adventure continues in Q2. Keep an eye on our social media pages.

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