Prembly's CSR activities
Prembly's CSR activities

On Prembly 2023 Community Outreach: “The One With Those Who Cannot Be Fully Present…” 


Reflecting on the passing year as an organization, we are reminded of those who, for various reasons, couldn’t fully participate and be present to enjoy and appreciate moments with loved ones. 

 The persistent question that resonates with us at different levels has always been: “What actions can we take, where we are, and with what we have, utilizing the resources at our disposal?” This question has been a pillar of growth and an opportunity to truly give back, and one outstanding testament to this is our Developer’s Community—a platform that cultivates the growth of both emerging and established developers; to Connect, Grow, and Collaborate. The community facilitates connections, presents opportunities for members, and provides resources, including training, to support continuous professional development. 

 While our Developer’s Community focuses on helping developers across Africa grow, utilizing our resources as an innovative and leading Identity Verification company for Emerging Markets committed to Compliance and Security Solutions with products such as (Identitypass, Identityform, Identityradar, BackgroundChecks & Compliance Tracker); Our community initiatives extend beyond the realms of technology, where we are attuned to the markets we serve, staying alert to the economic landscape and addressing the corresponding humanitarian needs as much as we can. 

KYCKYBand background checks
KYC/KYB and background checks

 In line with this, and in alignment with our ethos as an organization and based on the collective decision of our team, we chose to spread the Christmas Cheer in Lagos, Nigeria in December, 2023. 

We visited The Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, where we did the rounds, checking on Children and Families facing challenges that prevented them from celebrating the season as they should, and confined to hospital wards. 

Although the visits presented emotional challenges for us as it was a lot to take in, however being able to put a smile on the faces of people like 19-Year-old Adeyemi, who was being managed for Pneumonia and had been stuck in the hospital due to the inability to pay the hospital bills, 32-year-old new Mum who was also battling Diabetes, a 14 Year Old Adaeze who was being managed on account of Cryptomenorrhea, and a host of others; filled us with joy and profound gratitude at the opportunity to be able to reach out to these ones. 

During our visits, inquiries arose about Who we are and What we are about, with multiple unsuccessful attempts to pronounce our company name, Prembly (/Pruhm-bly). 

Now that we’ve touched on this subject of our Company Name see a video from our team member here on how to properly pronounce PREMBLY and a FAQ guide about who we are, and what we do HERE.

As we all embrace the new year and resume full-scale business operations, we at Prembly extend a charge to you to do what you can, with what you have, right where you are. 

Seeing most of us want to change the world, it’s easy to tag that initiative to a “big break’ or a certain milestone. 

However, the realities of our immediate environments are dire, and while there’s so much to do, there’s only so much that you can do as well. 

We charge you to take that step today; one little step ahead of the other that makes all the difference! 

Till our next community adventure; 

All the best of 2024! 

‘Tosin Adisa. 

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