Prembly x Irede foundation
Prembly x Irede foundation

On Online child protection for Children with Disabilities- Our work With The Irede Foundation


At Prembly, we are deeply committed to leveraging our technological expertise for a positive societal impact. In our ongoing mission to foster a safer online environment, we recently collaborated with The IREDE Foundation to lead an impactful campaign addressing anti-bullying, discrimination, and online child protection for Children with Disabilities. As part of this initiative, we developed a solution, “Age & Sex Verification,” to enhance online safety for children. 

Our collaboration with The IREDE Foundation took place during their annual awareness campaign dedicated to shedding light on the challenges faced by children with disabilities in our technologically driven world. Recognizing the vulnerabilities they face in the realm of discrimination, cyberbullying, and cyber threats, we launched a dual campaign—targeting both anti-bullying and child online protection. 

The campaign’s primary focus was on educating and empowering families to help their children combat online harassment, with a special emphasis on promoting empathy, understanding, and digital resilience among children with disabilities. By collaborating with The IREDE Foundation, we aimed to eradicate bullying from online spaces and create a more inclusive digital environment. 

Irede foundation and Prembly 1
Irede foundation and the Prembly team

To address the specific challenges faced by PWDs online, we engineered a custom solution—our Age & Sex Verification Tool, which was demonstrated at the event and exhibited an impressive 97% accuracy rate. 

We are actively planning to promote its usage on digital and social platforms, presenting it as a powerful tool to safeguard children online and minimize the risks of cyber threats and bullying. 

At the core of our initiative is our advanced AML solution, Identityradar. Designed to detect and prevent fraud, monitor transactions, and conduct advanced verification checks. Identityradar ensures businesses remain compliant while maintaining the safety of their respective platforms. 

Our collaboration with The IREDE Foundation underscores our unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on society. By addressing issues of anti-bullying, cyberbullying, and enhancing online security awareness, coupled with the deployment of our innovative Identityradar solution, we are actively contributing to creating a safer and more inclusive digital world. At Prembly, we firmly believe in the transformative power of technology, and this initiative serves as a testament to our commitment to building a better, safer online community for everyone. 

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