Jekalo Improves KYC Accuracy and Prevents Mobility Fraud Using Identitypass


Mobility companies are navigating new protocols and evolving technologies to keep their users safe as innovation continues to rebound in all types of businesses. Since the discovery of Covid-19, there has been a strong emphasis on safety regarding social distance and potential collisions. Still, little has been said about ride-sharing safety through the lens of identity theft and fraudulent activities.

According to Veriff’s research, the overall fraud rate in the mobility sector increased by more than 40% during the first six months of 2021. Today, many automotive businesses rely on the various new technologies introduced by connected cars and the smart mobility world as their primary mode of operation. Car rental agencies, car leasing companies, and the growing field of car sharing companies are examples of such businesses.

Mobile apps promote technology in the mobility sector. These apps allow these businesses to continue operating as they do now by providing them with modern services that easily connect riders with drivers. However, while these innovations are very beneficial to businesses, they also carry the risk of fraud and misuse, which can have profound security implications for riders and car-hailing companies.

In this article, we’ll go over how Identitypass’ verification endpoints help Jekalo, a Nigerian carpool company, improve online security for its customers.

About Jekalo

Jekalo is a ride-pooling and vehicle-optimization platform that connects ride owners with extra seats/space with verified co-riders or co-transporters (e.g., farmers) traveling or transporting goods in the same direction. Jekalo is currently one of Lagos, Nigeria’s leading transportation service providers. The company’s transportation services revolve around a carpool service that connects people and helps them hitch a ride with those heading in the same direction. “Jekalo” coined from the Yoruba word which means “let us go.” or Let’s Ride Together,” a company that began operations about seven years ago, is thriving at a faster rate and operating as a carpooling app in Lagos should.

Riders can use the app to find people going in the same direction as them (available rides) and join them. Both drivers and passengers can link their social profiles (Facebook and LinkedIn), providing social proof and reassuring all parties that everyone is a human with verifiable networks. This, in turn, reduces (but does not eliminate) the possibility that a rider is possibly a psycho-killer or other shady criminal. When it comes to payments, the platform handles them seamlessly — no awkward cash exchanges after each trip.

About Identitypass

Identitypass is Africa’s fastest-growing verification, compliance, and security infrastructure, provider. We use AI-powered technology to help businesses get to know their customers better by verifying and gaining deeper insights that detect and prevent fraudulent activities.

Identitypass currently serves hundreds of brands across Africa in Fintech, Insurance, Mobility, E-commerce, HR management, the Crypto sector, and a variety of other industries through various service offerings. Our solutions protect African businesses from identity theft while allowing them to expand into newer countries and regions by improving the verification and customer onboarding (sign up and verification) processes.

How Identitypass is currently Helping Jekalo to Protect Fraud From Its Platform.

The increase in digital activity on mobility platforms has increased fraud attempts. Fraudsters can create multiple accounts or use fraudulent IDs or driver’s licenses to access carpool services and ultimately wreck security damages.

Jekalo is on a mission to make urban transportation more affordable, convenient, and environmentally responsible. Because customer safety is the company’s top priority, it is critical to eliminate all attempts at fraud. To use ride-sharing services, people must verify their identities online and demonstrate that they are genuine humans with no malicious intent. Riders want the ID-verification process to be as quick and easy as possible to begin using the service immediately.

This is where Identitypass’s technology comes into play, and Jekalo’s software platform makes ID verification an accessible reality for riders and users.

Identitypass enables Jekalo to ensure that:

A rider/driver’s identity is real

Before allowing people to sign up as ride-owners, whether as a driver or a rider, Jekalo as a company confirms that they are who they say they are, regardless of their identity document or nationality. Drivers will be checked to ensure they have an active license in the appropriate category. When clients sign up as vehicle owners, the company is responsible for ensuring they have an active driver’s license, checking whether drivers have the correct driving category listed (depending on the vehicle) and whether the license is active, expired, or even suspended.

A vehicle is in good condition.

Jekalo can easily and quickly clarify the car’s roadworthiness that a vehicle owner is presenting on its platform by utilizing Identitypass’s Vehicle verification endpoint (car chassis). This also assists Jekalo in ensuring the safety of their passengers and avoiding becoming a partner in vehicle theft.

Mobility fraud is being stopped.

The first danger lurking in car-sharing mobile apps is identity theft by hackers who infiltrate the mobile devices of legitimate users. According to a Kasperskystudy, fraud in the mobility sector is not going away anytime soon. These nefarious threats can ultimately compromise a mobile device, steal all credentials stored on it, or target a specific app, including car apps. When attackers obtain or breach a rider’s credentials to a car-sharing app, they can use the account as their own and cause severe fraud damages to the carpooling company.

Identitypass offers a quick and secure way to verify mobility customers. our crosslinking technology helps catch fraudsters in the act, preventing some of the most common types of mobility fraud (e.g., recurring fraud) from occurring again.

We’re excited to partner with Jekalo, Africa’s leading carpool platform, to provide seamless onboarding for their customers and combat rising fraud threats in the mobility industry, making mobility/travel more convenient, responsible, and safe.

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