Prembly's January update
Prembly's January update

Improved Dashboard UI, Expanded Datapoints for South Africa, Uganda, Ghana & MTN…


Our very first product update has come to you with so much enthusiasm, and we trust that by the time you’re done reading, your excitement will surpass ours in light of everything you’ve entrusted us to do and more!

On What’s New & What To Expect: Enhanced User Interface!

As you may recall, we’d previously hinted about expansion plans and new product offerings, and the bulk of January was really us preparing these upgrades for you. Right about now, we’re happy to announce to you a brand new UI that features all of our Products as you know it, as well as the brand new ones you’re not very familiar with – above to go live!

As our valued customer, it’s only right that you’re the first to see and give feedback on the new upgrade and interact with our latest releases before we open it up to the rest of the world.

So What’s Really New? Your Sneak Peak!

Joint SSO 1
Prembly Dashboard

The upgraded Dashboard features our unique products in sections, with links to the individual product dashboards with Single Sign-On (SSO) capability. This means that when you log in to your Prembly dashboard, you will be able to sign up and access any of our products, including Identitypass, Identityradar, Identityforms, Background Checks, and get real-time compliance updates from Compliance Tracker!

So when you log in next and see a brand new UI, send us our flowers!


Big News: Prembly Partners with MTN (Chenosis)

Prembly x MTN updated
Prembly x MTN updated

Today, on Identitypass, our customers can now perform MTN Sim Verification for South Africans, Ghanaians, and Ugandans. This endpoint allows you to verify if an MTN SIM card has been swapped, provide information on the SIM’s home location, and determine its current activation status;

And this is our way of telling you we’ve added MTN (Chenosis) to the list of our partners, and you can do verifications even farther!

Send us more flowers.

Real-Time Notification for Ghana Drivers License Endpoint Availability

Ghana DL Endpoint Blog
Ghana DL Endpoint Blog

We’ve added a notification feature that informs you about the availability of our Ghanaian Drivers License endpoint whenever you want to verify an identity. This ensures you’re never left in the dark and can make informed decisions promptly, depending on the availability of the endpoint from the government agency in charge.

Access endpoint here


Data Verification Endpoints For China, Asia, and Australia

asia china 1
data verifications on Prembly

We have introduced new data verification endpoints in line with our global expansion objectives. These include passports, various government identifiers, and phone number verifications beyond the African continent. As of today, you can access the following endpoints for the Chinese, Asian, and Australian markets:

  • Passport Verification for China
  • Passport Verification for Australia
  • Government ID Verification for China
  • Phone Number Verification for China
  • Credit Bureau Verification for Asia

Access all endpoints here.

Radar New System/Dashboard

Identityradar dashboard blog
Identityradar dashboard blog

Our team has been working on developing our fraud detection and prevention tool (Identityradar). With a new interface and dashboard, you will soon be able to easily access APIs for User Authentication, Data retrieval, Radar checks, including (name, email, phone number, IP address intelligence, and AML checks) on a dashboard.

Other notable features include a User profile, billing management, API keys management, Report Download, and spotlight, with a request-response time of 45 seconds, and a payment gateway (Stripe) for seamless financial transactions. Learn more here.

Introducing Identityforms’ New Website


One of our exciting projects for January includes a new landing page for Identityforms, our no-code form builder, designed to simplify data collection and verification for businesses worldwide. Our new Identityforms landing page is live, and we are thrilled to show you all you can achieve with it. With Identityforms, you will soon be able to create secure forms to instantly verify identities. Click here to learn about the pricing, features, and how it works.

On Product Improvements:

Bulk Verification Record

Bulk download on Prembly

We’ve just created a tab for you to view the record of all your bulk verifications easily. Now, you can easily navigate your dashboard, view and filter all the details of your bulk verification performed within a specific timeframe.

In case You Missed It: Our New Pricing Update

Earlier this year, we sent multiple communications to announce our new pricing. We believe this adjustment is a fair decision considering the current economic realities, and you quite understand. In addition to the slight increase in rates, we did implement a Minimum wallet funding to N10,000 for Nigerian customers and $100 for global customers.

Report Download Option on Your Dashboard Made Simpler

Report download on Prembly

While we’re always happy to help you out with retrieving your call logs and get on a call with you when requested – because, really, what are we without you?

We thought to let you know you can easily download your reports from the dashboard with just a few clicks.

This is it at this time!

Want to share quick feedback here, please!

We can’t wait to see all the amazing things that will be achieved with the improved unified dashboard. Sign up here to experience it yourself, in case you have questions/inquiries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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