Prembly 2.0
Prembly 2.0

Introducing Prembly 2.0: The Unified Dashboard for Verification, Compliance, and Security


At Prembly, we are motivated by innovation, transparency, and Excellence. These three values describe and influence our commitment to developing products, tools, and solutions that meet global standards. We are constantly motivated to ensure that our tools are user-friendly and that the needs and requests inform them of our customers. We’ve launched a new Prembly dashboard to provide businesses and developers with more and better tools to create seamless verification, security, and compliance experiences for their users after hearing and analyzing various responses from our customers and other fast-rising organizations on security and compliance issues.

Our team has been working hard over the last few months to implement new, valuable features and improve existing ones on our new dashboard, dubbed “Prembly 2.0.” Today, we are one step closer to realizing our vision of making it simple for global businesses to conduct KYC checks, security checks, and background checks on users, all while effectively preventing fraud, staying safe online, and ultimately remaining compliant with both local and global regulations on data privacy and customer protection, which are major pain points for businesses in today’s business climate.

Prembly 2.0 is the most recent version of the all-in-one dashboard that offers businesses a comprehensive verification, compliance, and security solution. This innovative platform provides several features that assist businesses in streamlining their operations and meeting regulatory requirements.

Continue reading to learn more about the new dashboard features, or log in to explore for yourself.

  1. Access all Prembly Products:

This dashboard contains information about our products, including Identitypass, Identityradar, and background checks (coming soon). Customers can toggle between each of our available products/solutions and integrate them to meet their specific business needs right from this unified dashboard: You’d have access to any or all of our current two significant products via the dashboard:

Identitypass, the go-to simplified KYC/KYB solution, allows digital businesses to efficiently acquire and onboard customers by providing instant data verification, document verification, and biometric authentication tools.

Identityradar is a comprehensive AI-powered fraud detection and prevention solution.

You can switch between these two products from the dashboard based on your use case and business requirements. This prevents our products from being decentralized, allowing seamless integration and usage from a single source.

2. In-depth Analytics/Reports View

To help you get increased business insights into the different checks you conduct with Prembly, we have made it easier for our customers to view and track all their data in one place on the Dash tab.

This gives you a quick overview of your business performance like:

  • Your verification/Identitypass Report: The total API calls your apps/website have made, entire verified documents, complete successful and unsuccessful verifications made, and fake identities tracked on your system.
  • Identityradar Report: The total number of intelligence checks your apps/website has made, total verified documents, total successful and unsuccessful intelligent checks completed, and the number of fake identities tracked on your system.
  • Customer Report: This shows a chart and breakdown of the total number of customers you’ve performed verification and security checks on, including their demographics, the number of customers successfully verified, and fake verifications conducted on your platform. This lets you view more detailed information on connected accounts, get to know your customers better, and track these customer data.

In addition to these reports, you will get a detailed view of your most used endpoints, most used SDKs, and the exact time, date, and status of each check.

How to access this feature

  • On the left sidebar, navigate to the Reports tab to keep track of your business metrics at a glance.

3. API Library Interface

We’ve updated our API library page so that customers can now get an organized view of all data related to our APIs, quickly integrate them, and enjoy seamless verification experiences. Customers can use this feature to access the following:

API Keys: Find your private and public keys quickly, regenerate them, and toggle/switch between the live and sandbox (test) environments.

API Status: Get real-time availability updates for all of our endpoints and make informed decisions about which endpoint to use.

How to access this feature

  • On the sidebar, click on the “API Library” tab, and you’ll see all active and inactive endpoints, your “API keys,” and create unique IDs for each of your apps.

4. Subscription Tab

If you need help managing your wallet transactions on the dashboard, the dashboard will provide you with a comprehensive view of your wallet activity. It will assist you in managing your funds more efficiently. You can now do the following on the Subscription Tab:

View Wallet Transactions: The dashboard provides a detailed view of all the transactions made from your wallet. This will include information such as the transaction date, the amount, the recipient (if applicable), and the transaction status (pending, completed, failed, etc.).

Upgrade your Subscription Plans: With the dashboard, you can easily upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan. You can view all the available subscription plans, compare their offerings and pricing, and select the one that best suits your needs. You can also view your current subscription plan and expiry date and pay the amount.

Set a Low Wallet Threshold: You can set a low wallet threshold to get notified when your wallet balance drops below a certain amount. This will help you avoid running out of funds and missing important transactions. You can set the threshold to any amount you prefer and adjust it anytime.

Automate Auto-funding: With the auto-funding toggle, you can enable automatic funding for your wallet. This means that whenever your wallet balance falls below the low threshold, the dashboard automatically adds funds to your wallet from your chosen payment source. You can select the payment source, the funding amount, and the frequency of auto-funding (e.g., daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). You can also disable auto-funding anytime you want.

How to access this feature

  • On the Prembly 2.0 dashboard, navigate to the “Subscription” tab and click and explore the wallet, subscription and payment, and billing labels.

5. An all-inclusive Documentation Page

Right on your dashboard, we’ve made it easier for you to interact uniquely with each of our products, and you can also view a detailed breakdown of each of your most used endpoints while getting announcements and product updates in real time. The Prembly documentation is easier to navigate, even for customers without knowledge of coding or engineering lingos.

How to access this feature

Navigate to the “documentation tab” on the left tab. Click on it, and you’ll be directed to our documentation page with detailed guides, API references, a Change log, and Discussions. Please feel free to explore the page as much as you can.

6. Real-Time Notifications

Prembly 2.0 informs you of your API calls, checks, and updates in real-time. You can set up alerts for your call logs, wallet upgrades, security intelligence checks, and other critical events, ensuring you never miss a beat. We also took it a step further by allowing you to view all your notifications within the dashboard. This means in cases where you missed any notifications, you can keep a tab with them /catch up in the notification tab on your dashboard.

7. Conduct Multiple Business Settings

On Prembly 2.0, as a customer, you’ve been enabled to list and operate critical business settings relating to your account. We’ve removed the hassle of creating different accounts for each business or team member and logging out and back in to perform calls on your account. With this new feature, you can easily set up your business account with all the necessary information, add and manage your team members and their roles, edit your business information, and manage your notifications more efficiently, all on the same tab.

How to access this feature

  • On the down left of the sidebar, click on the “Settings” tab and fill in the required details of your business to your account.
  • You must be an Administrator/Business Owner to manage your team members’ roles. With this, you can assign specific user roles to each invited teammate to ensure they only access parts of the dashboard you want them to manage.
  • Navigate to the team tab and click on “ roles and permission.” Here, you can add the team member’s email, assign a user role, and invite them to your dashboard. There’s also the option to remove a teammate or change their role.

8. Live Support

You can now access support whenever you need assistance on the Prembly dashboard. With one click, you can get answers to any questions regarding our products, read our API docs, take a quick dashboard tour, or live chat with any of our User Operation Specialists — they typically reply in minutes.

How to access this feature

  • On any dashboard page you are on, look for the Support tab at the bottom right corner and click on it to access any of our support resources/personnel.

9. Other Notable Features.

  • Wallet-to-Wallet Funding: Merchants can seamlessly transfer funds from their own wallets to subsidiary wallets, facilitating efficient financial management within their organization.
  • Tour Guide: New businesses that just signed up are provided with a comprehensive tour guide, enabling them to familiarize themselves with all the features available on the dashboard and gain a clear understanding of their functionalities.
  • Referral Feature: Users can now refer other organizations to Prembly Products. By doing so, they can earn commissions based on verifications conducted by the organizations they refer to, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship.

Upgraded Product Security Features & Customer Data Security

Encryption; This is one of the most effective ways to protect sensitive data, and improvement has been made to now cover all forms of data use. This involves converting the data into an unreadable format that can only be deciphered with a key. 

IP Location: Our customers would now get notifications via emails when there are suspicious Logins on their accounts from Unknown Locations  

Data Masking: Data will now be masked such that sensitive data has little or no use to unauthorized intruders, while still being usable to authorized personnel 

Session Timeouts: Accounts inactive for a set duration will trigger timeouts during session login 

We’re here to help.

Overall, Prembly 2.0 is an essential tool for any business that needs to verify customer or employee identities, monitor transactions, and ensure compliance with regulations. We hope you find these tools helpful for your business and get the most out of them. If you have more questions or need assistance, contact us at

We are constantly improving these features, so if you’d like to make suggestions, click the Support tab on the dashboard to share them with us.

Want to experience the magic of compliance and security? Migrate to the new dashboard if you’re an existing customer, or sign up here as a new customer.

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