Premblys new website
Premblys new website

Introducing our New Website: Prembly’s Enhanced Brand Expression


In the fourth quarter of 2022, we officially launched our parent brand, Prembly, and we’ve seen some rapid growth, re-invention, brand awareness, and development since then. Our vision of providing businesses with access to AI-powered security infrastructure and compliance software for identity verification and fraud prevention/detection market solutions that assist digital companies in emerging markets in safely acquiring, onboarding customers, and performing seamless transactions across borders with trust and without restrictions has evolved significantly.

Our brand identity must evolve as we continue developing more security and compliance solutions for fast-growing, innovative companies in emerging markets.

The Prembly Brand

If you’ve recently visited the Prembly website, you may have noticed a new look and feel. We’re very excited to launch our new website. After expanding our products and offerings, we decided to have a parent name highlighting all of our primary current and future solutions, which resulted in the launch of Prembly- you can read more about here. As we move forward, we want a more profound website to reflect the differentiated and elevated experience we want to provide our customers. We’ve worked hard to make our vision more transparent for existing and potential new customers and make our messaging and visual brand more consistent and mature with the launch of our new website.

Here’s what’s new

The new look includes an improved illustration system, new patterns, and a distinct tone of voice. We aim to provide a user-friendly experience that lets you quickly access the required information and are confident that these changes will make finding what you need on our website easier.

Illustrations and exciting patterns:

Our new design elements are based on our key service offerings, which include identity verification, security, and background checks. We used their distinct brand colors to include those elements. Patterns are essential to the Prembly brand, and by referencing the necessary designs, our new website highlighted security, compliance, trust, and accuracy.

Despite these visual changes, our core remains unchanged. Our mission remains to power emerging-market businesses to greatness. We will continue to help businesses build trust with their customers, access and implement security solutions, and stay compliant online conveniently. And your business expansion is critical to your overall growth and is your most valuable asset. As a result, every business deserves absolute online safety, protection, and transparency.

Other new additions to the website include:

Our products’ web pages:

Prembly, as a parent brand, houses a variety of products. We showcased and expanded our product offerings in different sections — Identitypass, Identityradar, and Background Checks. Our customers and other visitors will be able to understand what each of our products stands for, what they can achieve by utilizing each product, and how these products can work for various industries and sectors.

Prembly’s use cases for different industries

Prembly’s extensive suite of services caters to a variety of industries. We’ve expanded our website to be a comprehensive resource well/channel where you can quickly learn about Prembly’s benefits and offerings to various industries. These industries include the financial sector, cryptocurrency, government, human resource management, insurance, and mobility.

Access detailed security and compliance resources

Our blog is a repository for all our detailed, industry-rich resources. These materials include articles, blog posts, product announcements, press releases, whitepapers, reports, and other research publications. You can read, save, and download any exciting or valuable resource in this section.

Our company’s culture, people, vision, and mission

Our launch was met with a slew of questions, ranging from our customers seeking clarification about Prembly as a brand to a broader audience who had some misconceptions about the brand as a whole. As a result, we decided to create a section dedicated to answering all of our customers’ and prospective customers’ inquiries. This section summarizes Prembly’s values, company culture, mission statement, and people who work behind the scenes. Here, you can see what Prembly truly stands for.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to begin the next phase of our branding. As an organization, we place a high value on simplicity, and with these new updates, we have achieved one of our primary goals.

Thank you for being a part of this adventure, and stay tuned for more exciting news!

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