identitypass hosts first virtual security
identitypass hosts first virtual security

Identitypass Hosts First Virtual Security Themed Hackathon


We are excited to announce our first in a series of in-house Hackathons. This virtual event will kick off with Application Submissions on the 11th of November and end with an announcement/ award day on the 23rd of December. The theme of the Hackathon is “Building a Safe Digital Environment” for African businesses. We believe this initiative will help bring developers, designers, teams, and startups together to design and build tools that attempt to solve identity verification challenges by leveraging the robust infrastructure and industry expertise built at Identitypay Limited.

Why are we holding this Hackathon?

With the advent of more people and businesses moving online, millions of companies now digitally conduct transactions with billions of people across the globe. With this development, it has become imperative that as people do business online, tools, platforms, and resources to help individuals and businesses remain safe in a non-obstructive way are required.

Our theme for this year, ‘Building a safe digital environment,’ would help address these issues around identity verification, cybersecurity, identity thefts, and KYC checks.

Who can participate in this Hackathon?

You can be a developer, designer, student, project manager, entrepreneur, etc., as long as you have what it takes to proffer solutions in line with the theme. You can also apply as an individual, a team, or a startup. The winner will get a reward of $2000, and an employment opportunity at Identitypass provided he fits the company’s culture.

You can be assured that all participants will have enough time to explore, experiment, and build together. We would also make sure that we have a team of people on stand-by if you have any questions or need any clarifications and ensure that all information is updated on all available platforms. To be a participant and stand a chance of winning, sign up on the Identitypass Hackathon website.

What else is going on?

In addition to the event, there will be presentations and Q&A/mentorship sessions by top industry experts on various topics. You can ask them questions and interact with them about core strategies for building reliable and safe digital solutions.

Where Can I Find Help?

For all information about the Hackathon, visit the Identitypass Hackathon website. You can follow us on our social media handles (LinkedInTwitterInstagram, and Facebook) to stay updated on the event and ask questions when you feel stuck. If you need further help, you can always email us at

All the best from the Identitypass team!

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