Identitypass Collaborates With Four Nigerian Non-governmental Organizations to Provide Relief Materials to Flood Victims


The recent flood situation in the country has had devastating effects on individuals, families, and communities; needless to talk about the lives that have been lost. While our understanding of the situation might not nearly capture the realities and the uncertainty that has come with it, it’s only right that we extend our support and encourage others as we look forward to better days ahead.

According to the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development, approximately 82,053 houses were destroyed, 2,504,095 million people were affected, and 332 327 hectares of land were damaged.

Many have lost their homes, properties, and loved ones, and the flood’s ripple effect has set them in hopelessness.

Beyond our internal structure that’s people focused, we’re a people-centric organization. We have been deeply concerned about this current situation, where people who had homes now live in government shelters and depend on well-meaning organizations for survival.

Following our internal research, we learned that the flood situation affected 31 states in total. However, the states with the highest casualties are Kogi, Benue, Rivers, and Bayelsa. In response to this discovery, we swung into action and issued a statement outlining our concerns and plans to assist the flood-affected communities. Our statement detailed our intentions as an organization and outlined our approach toward the initiative. To reach these communities, we needed four credible non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the highlighted states (one for each state) with the necessary expertise to collaborate with us on this remarkable initiative.

The Selection Process

A two-person screening team was formed, consisting of our People’s Operations Lead, Anthony Edekobi, and our Product Marketing and Research Associate, Alabi Samuel, to oversee the start and completion of the project.

Given the short time frame for this initiative and to ensure that it serves its purpose, the selection team immediately began interview sessions with the organizations that expressed interest. Based on the following details, the team quickly developed selection criteria to work with the most credible organizations:

  • Organizational Structure (Governance Model)
  • Organizational Goals, Vision & Mission and how it aligns with this initiative
  • Organization’s Brand Reputation & Commitment

A total of 12 organizations applied to collaborate with us on the initiative, and we conducted extensive due diligence checks by:

  • Verifying the organization’s identities
  • Assessing their transparency policies and how they’d manage the funds
  • Conducting a short evaluation of their past projects
  • Partner’s/organization’s commitment: how dedicated are these organizations to performing tasks.
  • Partner’s/organization’s competencies: Knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Quality of services offered- the added values for stakeholders

We were able to select four outstanding NGOs for this initiative after conducting in-depth interviews with each of the organizations within one week. These non-governmental organizations are:

The Impact Of this Initiative

Our mission as an organization is to ensure online trust between businesses and their customers, as we aim to be a part of a system that builds a society where everyone’s identity is valued.

As a people-centered organization, we understand that various life challenges can prevent people from performing optimally and living their best lives. The flood disaster has undoubtedly thrown many people off guard, and collaborating with each of these organizations will allow us to extend support to these communities, regardless of location.

Each of these organizations has been given a sum of one million naira, which will be used to provide various relief materials to flood victims. The organizations will also offer post-flood relief interventions such as medical and welfare items.

According to our COO, Niyi Adegboye, the emergency response to the flood situation shouldn’t be the sole responsibility of the government. Individuals and businesses should support directly or indirectly through credible organizations that can adequately report the use of funds and resources. In contrast, the improvement of lives of the flood victims is evident to all; he further highlighted our commitment to authentication and security at Identitypass and stated whatever affects an individual’s “personal security” should be a threat to all.”

We recognize as a company that we are part of a larger community. With this simple act, we are putting in significant effort to ensure that individuals in the communities around us have the best of lives and can quickly recover from natural disasters such as floods.

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