how my apps works
how my apps works

How My Apps Works On Identitypass Merchants’ Portal


Necessity is the mother of invention, as they say, and being confronted with diverse verification needs drives our continued effort to enable African brands and digital businesses to have seamless access to digital verification productsAs a company dealing with different brands with distinct verification use cases, we always encounter different discoveries in our customer relationships. One of these recent findings is the realization that some of our clients have created more than one app for different target audiences and each of these apps obviously has its own unique customers and KYC needs. In order for our customers to successfully decipher the verification volume coming from each product, we had to quickly create a permanent solution which resulted in a new verification product called “My Apps”.

My Apps is a combined endpoint with certain unique functionalities which includes:

  1. Creating New Apps: Creating App identifiers for all your company applications to track verification done by each product
  2. Switching to Live or Sandbox Environment– Toggle easily between your API Sandbox and Live Keys to view them.
  3. Regenerating Live Keys– Quickly generate new Live Keys for all your API Calls if you think your current credentials have been compromised
  4. Regenerating Sandbox Keys-Quickly generate new Sandbox Keys for all your API Calls if you think your current credentials have been compromised
  5. Filtering Audit Logs using App– Filter your audit logs using your apps to view each app’s Verification Logs.

Let’s walk you through each of these functionalities and how you can easily deploy them from your dashboard.

My Apps

On the Identitypass dashboard, we now have a new feature called “My Apps”. With My Apps, you can now track different application logs in your company.

Scenario 1:

As a company that has multiple applications, as you do KYC for your customers using IdentityPass, you can not track the amount of verification each of your applications is doing.


With My Apps, you can create Apps and track which application is making a certain API Call. Note: For each App you create, A unique App ID is generated for you.

How Does My App Work?

  1. Create New App: This allows you to create a new app and each app created has a unique ID.

a. Click on Create New App and enter the Name of the App.

2. On creating the New App, A new App with the name supplied (Barta) will be created as shown in the screenshot below.

3. View Details: On the new app created you can “view details”. As soon as you click on the “View Details” you can view all the activities (API Calls) done on this particular app.

4. Filter Apps: You can filter My Apps in 2 ways:

a. On My Apps select from the Apps created the app you want to filter then, click on “View details” and select “View Audit Logs”

b. On the Audit Logs you can select the App you want to filter.

Scenario 2:

If for any reason, your Keys get compromised, and you want to quickly get a new one to prevent fraudsters from gaining access to your IdentityPass resources.


With the Regenerate Sandbox/Live Keys, You can quickly invalidate the previous keys and generate a new one to stay safe.


You can generate new keys for either your sandbox environment or your live environment by using the Switch to Live/Switch to Sandbox toggle.

How to Regenerate Keys

  1. Use the Switch button to switch to any environment of your choice to generate a new key, in this case, we’ve switched to Sandbox.

2. Click on Regenerate Sandbox Keys, and voila, you’re done!!!

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