Gova Spotlight
Gova Spotlight

Gova Pioneers a New Era of Payment Security with Swift Verification Using Identitypass.


Over time, technology has revolutionized numerous processes, yet it has also brought forth significant security challenges, resulting in fraud issues on a global scale. Various security measures have recently been deployed to counteract fraudulent activities, such as financial hacks and account takeovers orchestrated by fraudsters. However, the effectiveness of these security measures has often been questioned, as fraudsters continuously find ways to evade them. As payment technology advances, fraudsters adapt accordingly, underscoring the urgent need for robust financial security measures for individuals and businesses alike.

In the past, passwords and PINs were heralded as the primary security measures adopted by digital financial institutions. However, their effectiveness has been doubted. One reason is the low-security level associated with passwords, compounded by users’ tendency to opt for simple combinations for ease of memory.

Numerous companies have introduced innovative solutions to transcend geographical boundaries and combat online fraud in payment processes. While some have faltered, others persist in confronting the challenges of the evolving payment landscape, including the emergence of AI and manipulative technologies.

One of the companies taking a massive step in ensuring that online payments are safe and that everyone, regardless of their identity and location, has easy access to perform online transactions and secure payments is Gova.

About Gova

About Gova
About Gova

Founded in 2023,  Gova is a secure payment solution that seeks to reshape how Africans make payments. It welcomes Africans to the futuristic world of biometric payment that allows them to send, receive, and pay for goods/services (online and offline) using biometric identifiers such as their face.

Knowing how dynamic the online security of digital transactions can be, Gova is powering a secure contactless biometric financial solution that allows Africans to send, receive, and pay for goods/services (online and offline) using biometric identifiers such as their face. Since your face is unique to you alone, Gova makes it challenging, if not impossible, for fraudsters to try and compromise your finances.

The Need to Work With Identitypass

“One of the unique qualities of Gova, as a fintech solution provider, is its ability to offer financial security to Africans. It is much more secure than other digital payment solutions that require traditional passwords or PINs, as no one can hack one’s face. This makes payments fast, convenient, and more secure.”- Anthony Nwagba, CEO of Gova.

Having this dynamic use case entails that Gova needed to find a solution to filter out all potential cybercriminals or fraudsters attempting to sign up on its page, even among those meeting almost the needed requirements. The challenge was to do this without causing friction to non-fraudulent users.

So what did Gova do? 

They searched for a customizable and adaptable solution that allowed them to streamline their onboarding process, which is where they found Identitypass by Prembly biometric solutions useful. Gova then worked closely with the Identitypass team to implement our facial recognition technology, which has had a unique track record of screening out fake identities through liveliness checks technology that has 100% accuracy. This meant incredibly precise results that suited Gova’s pain points specifically, reducing their manual check times and enabling them to easily meet their goals of onboarding and offering services to customers using their unique biometric features, which in this case is their faces.

This freed up hours of valuable human resources at Gova and meant a smoother customer journey in an industry where other competitors are made or broken by ease-of-use, ease-of-access, and easy (minimal) paperwork.

For Gova’s customers, this translates to effortless shopping experiences, where authentication and payment can be swiftly completed by simply looking at a camera. Moreover, Gova’s integration of Identitypass’s biometric security feature provides an additional layer of protection for logging into the mobile app and authenticating transactions.

“Using Identitypass, when a fraudster is trying to gain access to any Gova account using static pictures, video replays, 2D, 3D masks, and so on, our liveness facial detection technology can distinguish between them and deny them access. It’s simple and fast.”- Anthony Nwagba, CEO Gova.

About Identitypass by Prembly

Identitypass dashboard
Identitypass dashboard

Identitypass, powered by its parent brand Prembly, is a global digital identity verification solutions leader. Offering comprehensive KYC and compliance experiences, Identitypass enables businesses to verify customers swiftly, gain deeper insights, and detect and prevent fraud using authentic data and AI-powered technology. With its commitment to safe and seamless identity verification, Identitypass facilitates swift customer onboarding, enabling digital businesses to expand beyond borders and transact with trust and compliance. Serving a diverse array of industries, including Fintech, Insurance, and E-commerce, Identitypass ensures brands are safeguarded from identity theft while optimizing customer onboarding processes.

Currently, Identitypass processes thousands of verification calls daily for businesses across the globe. Learn more about our products and get started here.