Prembly february updates blog
Prembly february updates blog

February Product Update: Revamped Unified Dashboard + SSO Sign-In + Brand New Interface!


Greetings from the Prembly team!

It’s that eagerly awaited moment when we unveil exciting updates to elevate your experience with our platform. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes, crafting innovations to make your journey with us smoother and more rewarding than ever before. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the latest additions deployed to simplify your Prembly experience!

Major News:  Prembly’s New Dashboard with SSO Sign-In Capabilities and Enhanced Interface!

New prembly dashboard
New prembly dashboard

Last month, we gave you a sneak peek into our plans for an enhanced dashboard experience, complete with Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality and a sleek new interface. Well, the wait is finally over! We’re thrilled to announce that these exciting features are officially live today. Brace yourself for seamless access to all our products, including Identitypass, Identityradar, Identityforms, Background Checks, and real-time compliance updates from Compliance Tracker, all from a single, unified dashboard.

We’ve also enabled two-factor authentication (2FA) for additional security when signing in. Upon logging in to your dashboard, you’ll be automatically redirected to

However, if you encounter any issues with your browser or ISP during sign-in, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Clear your browser’s cache and try again, or
  2. Directly visit and select your product of choice (Identitypass, Identityradar, Identityform, or Compliance tracker)
  3. Try using a different browser.

Login to your dashboard here.

Identitypass’ Brand-New Dashboard with Unique Functionalities

Identitypass dashboard
Identitypass dashboard

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our revamped Identitypass dashboard following our recent SSO update. This new dashboard, reflecting a new brand identity, offers enhanced functionalities. You can easily add team members, upgrade your wallet, and perform swift, accurate data and document verifications. Simply log in to your Prembly unified dashboard and click on ‘Identitypass’ to explore the new features.

On What’s New: Introducing New Endpoints: 

Ghana Meter Verification – Now Live

Utility endpoint for Ghana
Utility endpoint for Ghana

Our latest Utility Verification Endpoint tailored specifically for Ghana is now available. Instantly verify Ghanaian physical addresses and scrutinize the accuracy, validity, and payment history of Ghanaian utility meter numbers with unprecedented ease and efficiency. Experience the power of instant verification firsthand.

Access the endpoint now!

Nigerian Phone Number Advance with NIN Endpoint

Prembly NIN endpoint
Prembly NIN endpoint

Unveiling our Nigerian Phone Number Advance with NIN endpoint! Seamlessly retrieve customer details tied to phone numbers and NIN information using phone numbers as your search criteria. Stay ahead of the curve with this game-changing addition to our suite of services. Here’s how:

  • Login to your dashboard,
  • Click on “Identitypass,”
  • Select “data verification,”
  • Click on “individual checks” and
  • Select the “phone number with advance NIN” option. 

Detect Fraud/Prevent Fraud/Conduct PEP Checks/Monitor transactions, & So much more!  

Radar for fraud prevention
Radar for fraud prevention

Prepare to be blown away by our brand-new Identityradar dashboard, the ultimate fraud prevention and detection solution. Dive into a world of possibilities where you can easily conduct various security checks, including PEP Checks, Sanction Checks, Advanced Media Searches, FATF Checks, IP Checks, and more. Plus, streamline your identity verification processes effortlessly using customer NINs and BVNs.

Read more here.

Radar Spotlight and Reports:  Your Fraud Prevention Solution

Gain invaluable insights with Radar Spotlight, offering a curated walkthrough of the latest fraud detection and anti-money laundering trends. Dive deep into Radar Reports to monitor your checks’ progress effortlessly, analyze screening analytics, and explore your most-used rules and recent check history, all from a centralized dashboard.

Read more here.

Background Checks Dashboard – Global Screening Made Simple!

Background checks
Background checks

Embark on a global screening journey with our revamped Background Checks Dashboard. Effortlessly conduct in-depth background screenings spanning the United States, Europe, and over 32 countries in Africa, among others. From criminal records to education and employment history, empower your business with comprehensive screening capabilities.

Read more here

Major Fixes, Product Enhancements, and Improvements

In our relentless pursuit of perfection, we’ve rolled out a series of enhancements to our existing features. Enjoy real-time access to verification call logs, seamlessly fund your Kenyan M-Pesa verifications, bolster security with OTP verification for BVNs, and unlock more valuable data with our expanded phone number advance search endpoint. Here are the details:

  • Real-time report log: We’ve improved our verification call log to be in real-time. This means you’ll see your report logs in real-time as you verify. No more waiting. 
  • Mpesa funding option: Our M-Pesa funding option is now available to Kenyan customers when conducting M-Pesa verification checks. To use this funding option, you have to select KES and Mpesa options and fund your wallets with a QR code or USSD. 
  • Enhanced security on BVN igree Endpoint: We’ve improved our BVN i-Gree endpoint’s security. From now on, you will receive OTPs when trying to verify your customers’ BVNs for security reasons. The first stage entails entering the BVN, verifying with a number or email, and then an OTP is sent to either number or email. You’d only be charged when the response is retrieved and verification has been carried out 
  • Phone number Advance search mash-up: We’ve added more data to our phone number advance endpoint. With this, you can get more valuable data from searches using your customers’ phone numbers.
  • Credit Bureau download button: A download button has been added for credit reference Bureau searches to allow you to download your reports easily after verifications.
  • Wallet auto funding and webhook implementation: This integration allows an auto charge on your card to fund your wallet automatically when it is low.
  • View your Active Plan on Identityform’s Dashboard: You can now easily view your active plans and change your subscription plans to your preferred package, all on your Identityform dashboard.

Perks and Discounts: Because You Deserve the Best!

Perks and Discounts
Perks and Discounts

Join our esteemed perks and discount program and unlock exclusive perks and discounts from leading partners such as Deel, B2B Boosted, Google Workspace, Zendesk, Leadsquared, and many more. Today, we’re thrilled to spotlight our newest partner, Africa Technology Expo. 

Learn more about our perks and discounts program.

With these groundbreaking updates, we’re confident that your Prembly experience will reach new heights. As always, our dedicated support team is here to assist you every step of the way. Have questions or inquiries? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at