Kashkash spotlight
Kashkash spotlight

Enhancing Security and Streamlining Onboarding: How Kashkash is Fighting Fraud, using Identitypass


The digital lending industry has recently witnessed a significant upsurge in fraudulent activities, exposing borrowers and lenders to considerable risks. In 2019, Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), the largest bank in Kenya, was embroiled in a major scandal involving the issuance of fraudulent loans to individuals and businesses, resulting in substantial financial losses. This incident highlighted deficiencies in the bank’s lending practices, raising concerns regarding internal controls and oversight.

The case mentioned above underscores loan providers’ critical importance in ensuring swift and efficient customer onboarding processes while effectively mitigating the risk of fraudulent registrations. One company at the forefront of addressing this challenge is Kashkash, a prominent personal loan provider renowned for its flexible rates and streamlined loan matching services.

This case study delves into Kashkash’s pursuit of a reliable identity verification service provider and examines how its partnership with Identitypass has revolutionized its operations. By leveraging Identitypass’s cutting-edge technology, Kashkash has successfully reduced instances of fraud and significantly expedited its customer onboarding procedures.

The Challenge for Kashkash

For loan providers, onboarding efficiency and fraud prevention are critical factors that can make or break their business. Onboarding efficiency refers to the ability of a loan provider to quickly and seamlessly onboard new customers. In contrast, fraud prevention relates to the measures to prevent fraudulent signups. Both of these factors are critical for loan providers because they can impact the overall customer experience, as well as the financial health of the business.

Kashkash is a digital lending platform that provides loans to individuals and small businesses in Nigeria. The platform was founded in 2021 and has since grown to become one of Nigeria’s leading online lending platforms. The Android-based mobile app is designed to enable individuals with legitimate income to secure loans without presenting any collateral. Kashkash’s mission remains to provide quick and easy access to credit for individuals traditionally underserved by traditional financial institutions.

Kashkash has established a reputation for delivering personalized loan solutions to individuals and businesses seeking financial assistance. However, like every digital loan provider, there is always a recurring tendency to be susceptible to fraudulent signups, which puts lenders’ investments at risk and tarnishes brand image. For Kashkash, the traditional identity verification methods needed to be improved, as fraudsters continuously sought loopholes to exploit the system. Kashkash realized the urgent need for a robust and reliable identity verification solution to safeguard its platform from fraudulent activities and improve the efficiency of its onboarding process.

The Search for a Reliable Identity Verification Provider

Recognizing the need for a solution to enhance security and streamline their operations, Kashkash extensively searched for an identity verification service provider. Their primary objective was to find a partner who could offer advanced fraud prevention measures, have a vast identity verification solution, and easily customizable and seamless integration with their existing systems.

After evaluating multiple providers, Kashkash discovered Identitypass, a leading compliance and identity verification service provider renowned for its cutting-edge technology and comprehensive fraud prevention solutions. Impressed by Identitypass’s track record, industry expertise, and customer satisfaction commitment, Kashkash partnered with us to address their challenges.

How Kashkash Leverages Identitypass for Fraud Prevention and Onboarding Efficiency

Identitypass is a digital identity verification tool that allows digital service providers to quickly and easily verify the identity of their customers using a range of data, biometric, and document verification techniques. Kashkash has integrated Identitypass into its KYC process, making it faster and easier for customers to onboard while providing an additional layer of security to protect against fraud.

Kashkash has a range of case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of the new KYC process to enhance onboarding efficiency and prevent fraud. For example, individuals who own small businesses and need loans to purchase new equipment are now able to apply for loans on Kashkash’s platform within shorter periods of minutes rather than days; this is possible following enough due diligence. With Identitypass as their trusted identity verification partner, Kashkash witnessed a remarkable operation transformation. Here’s how Identitypass helps Kashkash combat fraud and optimize its onboarding process:

Advanced Fraud Detection

Identitypass employs advanced algorithms and machine learning models to detect fraudulent loan applications accurately. By analyzing vast amounts of data, including biometric information, government databases, and behavioral patterns, Identitypass flags suspicious activities in real time, preventing fraudulent users from accessing the platform.

Streamlined Onboarding Process

Kashkash integrates Identitypass’s seamless onboarding process, leveraging automation and digitization. Borrowers can easily provide their personal information and upload their identifiers through an intuitive user interface. Identitypass then verifies the data in real-time, reducing manual intervention and accelerating the onboarding journey for legitimate borrowers.

Compliance and Risk Management

Identitypass provides comprehensive compliance solutions, enabling Kashkash to adhere to relevant regulatory requirements and mitigate money laundering and fraud risks. By automating compliance checks and monitoring, Kashkash now focuses on its core business while ensuring a safe and secure lending environment for its customers.

Customer Convenience

The integration of IdentityPass into Kashkash’s operations yielded impressive results. Fraudulent loan applications were significantly reduced, enhancing the platform’s credibility and protecting lenders’ investments. The streamlined onboarding process improved customer satisfaction, reducing the time and effort required to access loan services.

Looking to the future, it is clear that onboarding efficiency and fraud prevention will continue to be critical factors for loan providers. As technology evolves, loan providers must adapt and adopt new tools and techniques to enhance their onboarding processes and prevent fraud. Integrating with Identitypass, Kashkash has improved onboarding efficiency and minimized fraudulent signups while balancing security and efficiency.

Want to optimize your customer onboarding experience? Leverage our advanced biometric and document verification solutions to quickly and easily verify your customers’ identities while protecting your business against fraud.

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