digital identity verification and cross border payments
digital identity verification and cross border payments

Digital Identity verification and Cross Border Payment’s Security: Our work with Plumter


The introduction and growth of digital financial services have led to an unprecedented increase in the number of people accessing formal financial services. Today, Africa has more digital financial services implementations than any other region. Statista states that as of 2021, 576 fintech startups had headquarters in Africa. The number of companies increased from 491 in 2019 at a growth of 17.3 percent, making fintech the most populated sector in Africa’s tech scene. With nearly half of the almost 700 million unique users worldwide, mobile money solutions and banking agents now provide affordable, instant, and reliable transactions and even insurance opportunities in rural villages and neighborhoods where no bank has ever opened a branch, literally placing banking at everyone’s fingertips. According to the Global Findex database, 69 percent of adults — 3.8 billion people — now have an account with a bank or mobile money provider globally; this is a gradual step towards overcoming poverty and promoting financial inclusion.

However, while we may affirm that there’s a slight surge in account ownership for Africans, progress has been slower elsewhere in the aspect of cross-border payments. Cross-border payments, as the name suggests, refer to payments made across national borders. This can be, for example, consumers purchasing goods from foreign online retailers- these payments are regarded as B2C but are particularly important for banks or international companies. Cross-border payments are at the heart of international trade and economic activity. For a long time now, these payments have faced four specific challenges: extreme costs, slow speeds, minimal access, and insufficient transparency. It is essential to deploy Faster, economical, more transparent, and more inclusive cross-border payments to foster significant benefits for economic growth, international trade, and financial inclusion within and outside Africa.

Africa’s population is multiplying and is estimated to reach 1.7 billion by 2030. A large population comes with a growing need to meet demand, not only with goods but also with the adoption of technology and international relations. This requires some form of online security for businesses and individuals engaging in cross-border interactions. Plumter, an all-in-one mobile app, plays a massive role in the cross-border space by allowing companies and consumers to pay and receive foreign payments through various channels without hassles.

About Plumter

Plumter is a platform for managing corporate expense cards and spending for African businesses. Currently, Plumter is solving the everyday challenge of cross-border payments for Africans to participate easily in the global economy by providing multi-currency wallets. Through its platform, Plumter helps to facilitate fast, easy, social, cross-border payments for Africans by enabling them to move across currencies in real-time with just their username and at no cost.

How Does Identitypass Help?

With accelerated digitalization, online identity fraud has become a more serious concern for many people and businesses. Traditional KYC procedures are not enough to prevent identity fraud or protect companies from fraudsters. The most prevalent type of fraud in fintech is identity theft, where fraudsters develop means to impersonate other customers’/users’ identities. There needs to be more digitalization of Customer Due Diligence processes to prevent cases of identity theft.

As one of the fast-growing digital wallets with an exceptional offering, Plumter has an increasing number of individuals and companies signing up on its platform. This means that onboarding needs to be seamless and safe for users. With Identitypass, Plumter can verify a customer’s or business’s identity and prevent any attempts by fraudulent individuals looking to register or use the service/app. In the long run, there is a significant reduction in the amount of manual processing needed by Plumter’s employees, and the necessary Know Your Customer (KYC), and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks are conveniently sustained from the initial sign-up process.

This benefit for Plumter’s app users is that they now enjoy a seamless onboarding process with just a few clicks. They can also securely make transactions, regardless of their location and currencies, without the fear of a fake identity hacking into their accounts. Through Identitypass’s automated identity verification technology, users develop more trust in Plumter and are assured of their privacy and safety while transacting online.

Why choose Identitypass?

  • Unmatched coverage for million of African identities, including markets in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Sierra Leone, and South Africa
  • Real-time customer onboarding with reliable online identity verification products.
  • Simplified compliance with international AML and KYC regulations.

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