digital data verification the next big move
digital data verification the next big move

Digital Data Verification: The Next Big Move For Businesses


Making crucial business decisions has always been a significant task for businesses worldwide. However, data verifications cannot be overlooked for companies to make the right business decisions. Data verification is simply the process of finding out the authenticity and accuracy of business information or the act of checking data for accuracy. Its primary purpose is to ensure that data collected are as accurate as possible and to minimize further human and instrument inconsistencies, including those which emerge during data processing. Data verification is an ongoing process that starts at the data-gathering stage and continues during data entry and analysis, reviewing everything from spelling errors to inaccurate numbers and checking data loss after data migration.

Recently, Africa has experienced massive growth in the number of startups and innovative enterprises. This growth has also increased the number of global data breaches in the past few years (in 2018 alone, data breaches exposed more than 5 billion records). With these recent developments, businesses have become more expedient now than ever to migrate from traditional ways of verifying data to more advanced and technological methods such as integrating with myidentitypay’s data verification services.

Due to the realization that data is an essential tool for achieving business success, entrepreneurs in the past used traditional/manual review of data on their customers, employees, and business partners but experienced a lot of data inaccuracies resulting from human error during data verification. However, in this fast-paced economy, data verification has been made simple using the right technologies, guaranteeing sustainable business success by helping companies access accurate and quick data through digital data verification processes.

In an attempt to cut down on cost, some small and mid-sized companies view data verification as expensive and unnecessary. While this may be logical, business analysts consider it a weak financial resolve because of its gruesome repercussions. Neglecting data verification has negative impacts on marketing and sales efforts. It may lead to poor business decisions, losing customers, hiring inefficient employees, wasting financial resources, and suffering other consequences. The solution, therefore, is leveraging third-party data verification. Third-party data verification is an essential tool for businesses, and outsourcing data verifications by using myidentitypay’s APIs can help increase the quality of business operations while reducing costs and simultaneously offering other benefits such as:

  • Increasing leads and sales
  • Reducing overhead costs
  • Improving customer satisfaction, and
  • Promoting brand recognition.

At myidentitypay, we guarantee your business high-quality and authentic data verification services for your database. We have developed fast and accurate data verification techniques to curtail any errors or inaccuracies experienced while verifying data.

Are you thinking about verifying your data? Contact us, and we will get in touch.

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