Deriv x Identitypass
Deriv x Identitypass

Deriv  Secures Online Trading with Identitypass’ KYC solutions


The financial landscape is transforming significantly as people increasingly seek alternatives to traditional financial systems, often viewed as unstable or exclusionary. Moving away from physical cash towards digital currencies is fueled by various compelling factors, including technological advancements and evolving societal needs. Digital currencies stand out for their convenience and efficiency, allowing instant global transactions without the physical limitations or delays typical of traditional banking. This shift is further propelled by the expanding online ecosystem, where digital payments are integrated smoothly, providing a seamless transaction experience for users.

Cryptocurrencies and other digital assets are increasingly recognized as safeguards against inflation and currency devaluation, particularly in areas facing economic instability. This shift is seen as a way to diversify investments and an opportunity for substantial returns as the digital economy grows. Moreover, digital currencies extend financial services to those without access to traditional banking, enabling economic participation for the previously excluded sectors of society.

About Deriv


Deriv, a leading online trading platform, exemplifies this shift. With 21 years of experience and executing over 60 million trades per month, Deriv offers access to a wide array of financial markets, including forex, commodities, synthetic indices, stock indices, and cryptocurrencies, available for trading around the clock. Deriv’s platforms, such as DTrader, Smart Trader, DMT5, and Deriv X, and the Deriv GO mobile app for multipliers trading, highlight the company’s innovative approach to online trading.

How Identitypass Enables Deriv to Prevent Fake Identities

However, Deriv encountered challenges with fraudulent users attempting to infiltrate their system, posing significant risks of identity theft and financial fraud. The company initially tried to manage these issues manually but soon realized the need for a robust solution to ensure that only legitimate users could access their platform. This led them to Identitypass, whose pricing and comprehensive services, including document, data, and biometrics verification, perfectly aligned with Deriv’s requirements. With Identitypass, Deriv quickly improved its ability to detect fake identities at the point of onboarding, effectively navigating the fraud challenges inherent in the decentralized digital currency space.

With Identitypass, Deriv now stands at the forefront of secure online trading, offering its diverse services to genuine users while ensuring exceptional prevention of identity theft and compliance in their markets.

How To Get Started

Idpass dashboard by Prembly
Identitypass dashboard by Prembly

In a developing financial environment where online interactions have become the lifeblood of businesses, the demand for reliable identity verification has never been greater. FortunatelyIdentitypass stands at the forefront of this revolution, providing businesses with the tools to thrive in a secure and trustworthy digital environment. By effectively addressing the challenge of fraudulent activities and counterfeit identity registrations, we protect businesses and cultivate trust among genuine users.

If your business grapples with identity verification challenges and faces the growing threat of fraud, it’s time to consider the robust solutions Identitypass offers. You can follow in the footsteps of Deriv, securing your business, building trust with your users, and embracing the future of secure online interactions. Sign up or book a demo session today.