Prembly Blog May 4.1 (1)
Prembly Blog May 4.1 (1)

Boost Your Fraud Prevention: Check out What’s New on Identityradar


Protecting your business from online fraud is an ongoing and challenging task, but with our AI-powered solution, Identityradar, you can experience seamless integration for immediate risk detection during onboarding, supported by flexible APIs for effective fraud management. We’re thrilled to announce that our latest updates introduce new features to enhance your business’s protection against fraud.

Access Identityradar Dashboard With Our Single Sign-On Convenience 

Our team has been working on improving our fraud prevention solution to resonate with global security status. With a new interface and dashboard, you can now easily access APIs for User Authentication, Data retrieval, and Radar checks, including (name, email, phone number, IP address intelligence, and AML checks) on a dashboard.

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Discover More With Radar Spotlight 

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With our Radar Spotlight feature, you can gain invaluable insights into all you can achieve with Identityradar. Our radar spotlight offers a curated walkthrough of fraud detection and anti-money laundering trends. You can also utilize Radar Reports to effortlessly monitor your checks’ progress, analyze screening analytics, and explore your most-used rules and recent check history, all from a centralized dashboard.

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Prevent Potential Fraud Threats Using  Radar Rules  

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Custom Radar rules allow you to customize your approach to risk management by creating bespoke rules that accurately reflect your customers’ risk levels, enhancing your compliance strategy. They also allow you to tailor your business’ risk management strategies by creating rules that align with your customers’ unique risk profiles. This customization enhances compliance efforts by ensuring that risk management practices accurately reflect the actual risks faced, leading to more effective and efficient risk mitigation. It protects your business and customers from threats while maintaining smooth and compliant operations. Get started here

Introducing Our Back Office Functionality

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Our back-office integration is now live and fully operational. With this feature, you can seamlessly manage actions like flagging or approving customer profiles after screening. Plus, you can request additional supporting documents if any discrepancies are detected in the initial submissions. 

Comprehensive Radar Manual Checks

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You can now do more on Identityradar! Enjoy streamlined due diligence with our expanded range of manual checks, now encompassing: 

  • PEP-Check: Check to ascertain if customers are Politically Exposed Persons. 
  • Sanction Check: Implement checks to determine the presence of customers on global sanction lists. 
  • Adverse Media Screening: Run checks for any detrimental or negative publications related to prospective customers, maintaining brand integrity. 
  • IP Checks: Confirm the geographical location of customers and detect VPN usage, enhancing security and location accuracy. 
  • Comprehensive Identity Verification: Perform thorough identity checks using BVN and NIN to ensure the authenticity and reliability of customer information. 

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On Notable Dashboard Updates

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Alongside all our amazing features, we’ve also dedicated more time to ensuring you get the best out of our dashboard. We’ve deployed more functionalities to make your fraud prevention process seamless, and this includes:

  • Wallet Integration: We’ve made managing your payments easier by introducing our new Wallet feature. This allows for the effortless addition of cards and automation of transactions, streamlining your payment process and saving you valuable time. 
  • Global Language Editor Accessibility: Understanding the importance of clear communication, we’ve rolled out our Language Editor, ensuring that Radar now speaks your language. This feature allows you to access our platform in your preferred language, guaranteeing that no detail is lost in translation. 
  • Seamlessly Download Reports: To help you stay organized and informed, we’ve made it possible for you to download detailed reports of your Radar checks effortlessly. This feature ensures that essential information is always at your fingertips, aiding in better decision-making. 
  • Personalized Score Thresholds: We recognize the importance of a tailored risk assessment process. That’s why we’ve introduced the ability to set your own score thresholds for low, medium, and high risk. This customization allows you to tailor the system to meet your unique needs, offering greater control over your risk management strategies. 
  • In-Depth Radar Analytics: Our comprehensive analysis provides valuable insights into every check performed. Track key metrics, such as the most used rules and checks, giving you a clear overview of your fraud prevention efforts. 

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By introducing these innovations, we aim to empower you with the tools and insights necessary to navigate the complexities of compliance and fraud prevention with greater confidence and efficiency. From the enhanced Radar Dashboard to the personalized score thresholds, each update is crafted to amplify your capabilities in this ever-evolving landscape. We invite you to explore these new features and leverage them to their fullest potential. Together, let’s continue to set new benchmarks in operational excellence and safeguard the integrity of our industries.