BGC by Prembly
BGC by Prembly

Across the Globe: How Prembly is bridging the gap with Background Checks in Emerging Markets 


As the world develops and strengthens interconnectedness, verification, which has long been important, becomes an even more crucial tool in all parts of the world to ensure candidates are properly vetted before absorption into the work and education system.

Countries like the US are reported to say that over 90% of businesses now report that they perform at least one background check on their candidates. Meanwhile, conducting background checks in Africa presents peculiar challenges, such as limited centralized data, access to reliable databases, turnaround time, and differences in educational and institutional systems. For instance, language differences are notable, as Africa is the continent with the second-highest number of different languages.

Statistics on background checks
Statistics on background checks

With the global Background Check market poised to reach US$ 3,760.9 million by 2027, the importance of reliable background check solutions has become more pronounced. The objective of background check services is to gather relevant information on individuals and companies, assisting global companies in evaluating the background and business reputation of third parties, which is crucial in maintaining their business value and brand reputation.

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Background checks statistics

Engaging expertise across emerging markets is crucial in today’s global workforce where the workforce is more mobile and remote, along with a growing younger population. Sustainable growth and development depend on the fundamental requirement of digital safety, which includes ensuring compliance and robust identity verification processes. This is not limited to securing operational needs but also enhances trust and reliability as the world advances.

At its core, Prembly’s background check solution is designed to fuel speed for global enterprises, enabling them to conduct in-depth background checks quickly and accurately from trusted sources. This solution provides a comprehensive, user-friendly, and swift verification system tailored to the nuanced needs of modern enterprises, ranging from startups in emerging markets to multinational giants like Uber and Bolt.

Its global reach spans the United States, Europe, and over 32 countries in Africa, among others, enabling businesses to conduct thorough checks on international criminal records, education and employment history, credit checks, and more, all with ease and in a timely manner.

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Background checks by Prembly

Besides offering global coverage and robust, customer-centric software, it is lightweight, allowing for seamless integration and adaptability across different industries and use cases. It features pre-defined packages tailored to specific sectors, as well as customisable checks for unique organizational needs, catering to HR systems, educational institutions, financial services, and government agencies.

As progress brings greater opportunities, the impact of implementing Prembly’s background checks becomes evident through the tangible benefits experienced by its users. For example, mandatory employment background screening has improved the quality of job applications, attracting genuine candidates and significantly reducing discrepancies across markets.

Prembly is continuously expanding its presence, training its models on region-specific data to understand the intricacies of these markets. It is committed to innovation, with plans to automate checks region by region and provide an ecosystem of security and compliance products.

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