6 effeective security tips for startups
6 effeective security tips for startups

6 Effective Security Tips For Startups


Cybersecurity is a very big discussion for every business owner today, either new or existing ones. While some business owners still don’t have an idea of what cybersecurity entails, others are finding it difficult to simply identify where to begin. Today we share with you a list of 6 Security tips that startups can follow to protect their company, customers, and employees from cyber threats and online fraud.

  1. Have an Approved security plan: This plan should address:
  • The kind of data you intend to store.
  • The people who should have access to data and why.
  • The guidelines for sharing files.
  • How all data should be protected.
  • Response plan for data theft or loss.

2. Store only a few/minimal data: As much as you can, it is important to store only important customer information on your database, this safeguards sending signals to cybercriminals.

3. Utilize and maintain the latest security software: Using software and apps such as Identitypass makes your start-up escape activities of cyber “bullies”. You must make sure you follow up with the latest software updates and keep them up-to-date to avoid a breach of your company’s security.

4Encryption of vital and sensitive information: All data that deals with payment details of customers or clients should be encrypted as soon as you’re storing them, encryption makes it difficult for cybercriminals to get into your database.

5. Backup highly sensitive business data and information: You don’t want to lose all crucial data relating to your start-up in one day. To prevent this you need to automatically back up documents such as word processing, electronic spreadsheets, databases, financial files, and accounts receivable/payable files as well as keep them stored separately offsite or in the cloud.

6Switch to Biometrics or Face Recognition System — On Identitypass you have the opportunity to make a decision, explore and manage fraud using a high-accuracy face recognition system and biometrics.

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